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Author: Andy Grant
One of my favorite conversation-starter questions to ask people is “What are your goals?” The answer can tell a great deal about a person.

Nearly every time, there’s something in common among those who feel stuck in their current situation, unhappy with one or more aspect of their life, and feeling as though they are going nowhere: they have no goals.

No Goals, No Go

In some cases, it’s simply a case of not understanding the power and presence that goals provide (and in these cases, simple instruction is the answer). Goal setting is a breeze once you understand how to do it.

With other folks, they may understand the power of goals, but they simply haven’t taken the time or effort to set any (or to update their last batch of goals). It’s important to set new goals as soon as you achieve your goals, otherwise you can lose momentum.

Other folks claim to be “going with the flow” (which often means drifting, going nowhere) and waiting for inspiration to strike.

The trouble with that approach is: inspiration typically doesn’t appear until you become crystal clear about what you want.

Writers get blocked when they stare at a blank page, waiting for something to come. Writers can easily be inspired by imagining the end result of their writing (whether it’s increased sales thanks to effective ad copy, or an emotional reaction elicited by a short story).

A person without a vision is like a ship afloat on the ocean. Sure, it might be a fun ride, you may get to relax a bit, but next thing you know, a couple of months have passed and you’re now running out of rations, clean water, sunscreen and sanity.

But a ship with a destination in mind travels with passion AND purpose, and becomes unstoppable. When you have clear, concise goals, the Universe can then deliver exactly the clues you require to follow your course and reach your destination.

Don’t wait on inspiration — because inspiration is waiting on you, right now at this very moment.

Create a vision. Invoke your passion. Ask for a sign. You will get one.

But if you don’t select a destination, don’t be surprised if you just keep drifting in limbo — and then you have no right to whine about how “nothing is happening” because that part was ultimately up to you — and you never chose a destination!

Be brave, be daring, be confident, and have faith. Whatever you ask for, YOU CAN HAVE.

Prepare to Ace That Job Interview, Sales Call, or Presentation with These Easy Strategies
Author: Dinyah Rein
How is a job interview, an important sales call, or a big presentation just like when your turn comes in Olympic Competition? In each of these, your future hinges on how well you perform in the next few minutes. How can you increase your chances of succeeding?
As any Olympic Athlete will tell you, it’s mostly about the work you do to prepare yourself. When it comes to that job interview, sales call, etc., its really no different. So, how to be prepared?
Of course its essential that your preparation include planning what you’ll say. However, studies show that words make up only 7% of the essence of communication. So, if you primarily prepare what you plan to say, you’ve missed out on preparing 93% of your communication. What is this other 93%? Its your body language and your tonality. That’s right, more than 90% of the meaning of your message is conveyed not by your words, but by your body language and tone. This is what will make or break your interview. And how much time do you usually spend preparing the effectiveness of these elements of your communication? If you’re like most people, almost none.
Body language and tonality are mostly subconscious communication elements. That is, we are not consciously thinking about, paying attention to and choosing these moment by moment while we communicate. They are shaped by our mood, our inner voice, our state of being, at a subconscious level.

As the athletes know, winning is mostly a mental game. That is, believing, and actually being congruent behind your belief, is key. It’s no different in communication. To be an effective communicator, to have your tonality and body language supporting your message and your objective, is an inner, mental game.
So, how can you make yourself a winner in your games? How can you prepare way beyond your script and ensure that you get the gold the job offer, the sale, the result you were hoping for?

Belief: The #1 Essential Winning Strategies
When you know you are the right person for the job, or that your offer can really help this person, then your body language and your tonality will naturally and powerfully communicate this. If you can’t easily visualize the outcome you desire as if its already happened, and see it unfolding that way in your inner view, chances are your tone of voice and your body language will reveal your doubt. Despite all the effort you put into carefully designing what you’ll say, the message you communicate will be I’m not the right one for this job or you probably don’t want to buy this.

Imagination You’re Best Tool
To get congruent so that all of your communication elements words, tone and body language are projecting what you want to get across, you can use the amazing power of … Your imagination.
If you were about to get on stage to give the performance of your life, wouldn’t you rehearse? Well how about it? Set aside time and rehearse, much as you would if you were about to do a theatrical performance. Imagine it as vividly as you possibly can, including the surroundings, what you are wearing, what the other person or people are like, what they say, and what you say. Imagine feeling strong and confident. Imagine it all the way through, from the very beginning, all the way to winning and the feelings of triumph and jubilation that accompany the win.

Your Inner Doubter Can Be Your Best Ally
Unlike a pre-scripted performance, you’ll also want to rehearse how you will deal with any curve balls they may throw your way. Get really creative. Here’s where your inner doubter can become your best ally. All of the but what ifs that this inner doubter can come up with rehearse the best possible scenario that would still move you forward toward your desired outcome. Play and have some fun with this. The more bases you cover, the less likely you are to get tripped up during the real event.
Its especially powerful to actually speak out loud as you do this rehearsing practice actually getting the words out of your mouth, and experience for yourself whether or not you sound convincing.

Practice, Practice and Practice
Because you’re subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between the real event, and this imagined one (just think of the emotions you can experience while sitting in a comfortable seat in a movie theater), each time you imagine it is real. Athletes use this all the time, going through their event in their mind hundreds of times, so that by the time they arrive at the competition, its just another replay, rather than the first time. You can do this, too, so that your next interview is just another in a long line of successes.

The more you use this technique of rehearsing, and imagining the optimal outcome, the more you can also increase your belief, your overall sense that it will turn out the way you are hoping for example, that you’ll get a job offer, or get the sale. Take your practice runs all the way through to getting the desired result and feeling the excitement of the win. This is crucial to the process, because it increases your belief, and that will show up in your communication in terms of body language and tonality that are congruent with being the winner, and achieving the desired result.
Prepare your mental game, and you’ll increase your chances of a successful outcome. Don’t wait for real opportunities to practice. You can master most anything with enough practice, and practice is one of the easiest things to do simply set aside the time, and leverage the power of your amazing mind to increase your odds of winning. Run through it over and over again until you can do it in your sleep. Perhaps you know some people you can bring into your game, and have them play some of the other characters in your practices. This can be a powerful way to practice as well, but it’s not necessary your own imagination is enough. The more times you play it through successfully in advance, the more likely you’ll get the result you’re striving for.

Improving Self Confidence In 5 Easy Ways

Improving Self Confidence In 5 Easy Ways

Author: Neelima Reddy
So you’re confident. This doesn’t mean you’ll always stay as confident as you are now. Time changes and whether you like it or not, people grow and they can grow better than you if you don’t develop yourself. Improving self confidence is one way for you to avoid being left out and to stay at the top of the game. Let’s face it. Whatever we have attained now all owe to our self confidence.
Improving self confidence is easy. You don’t need to see a doctor or pay somebody just to build your confidence in your self. Try these 5 easy ways in improving self confidence and see the positive changes in you:
1. Change that attitude
Improving self confidence begins in changing your attitude especially the negative ones. If you are shy to stand up or too lazy and afraid to seize the opportunities that come your way, now is the time to change all that. You’ll never be able to succeed in improving self confidence when you lack the guts to even go for it.
2. Never compare
Do you know why there are people who are not confident of themselves? It’s because they are fond of comparing themselves to others. This is very unhealthy since it can lower your self esteem and makes you look at yourself negatively. Remember that you are unique and you were created with a different purpose in life. Love yourself more and you’ll find improving self confidence an easy and enjoyable endeavor.
3. Look at the brighter side of life
Are you easily disappointed? Do you find yourself worrying too much? Lighten up and start looking at the brighter side of life. We all have our ups and downs and there’s no use pining over the failures that we had. Think positively so you’ll be able to see your mistakes and learn from them. Never allow failure to overtake you otherwise you’ll also end up a failure when it comes to improving self confidence.
4. Seek professional growth
Never rest on your laurels. You may be confident about achieving so many things in life today but later on, you might be outshined by others. Improving self confidence goes with achieving something very lasting in life like education. Not everybody ends up with a Master’s or Doctorate degree. Isn’t it that we often look up to those individuals with titles affixed to their names? Grow professionally and you won’t only be improving self confidence but your career as well.

5. Say yes to opportunities
Every now and then opportunities come knocking at the door. Unfortunately, many of us fail to grab these chances in life because we lack self confidence. We don’t believe in ourselves that much plus we have our own apprehensions and doubts. In improving self confidence, you have to grab every opportunity that comes your way. How else will you grow and learn? Don’t let your chance to shine fade away or go to the hands of other people. If you want to be confident, you have to grab every opportunity offered to you. You need every exposure you can get.

What you will learn:

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Students who can benefit from this course:
Beginners to programming who have basic mathematical, logical, and analytical problem-solving skills and who want to begin learning the Java programming language. This includes technical writers, web developers, technical managers, and individuals with a technical, non-programming background, such as system administratorsNovice programmers and those programmers who prefer to start learning the Java programming language at an introductory level. However, individuals are encouraged to have had some programming experience, whether with a scripting language, such as Perl, or a third-generation language (such as Basic or C) prior to attending this course.

Create programs using a procedural language, such as C, or a scripting language, such as PerlCreate and edit text files using a text editorUse a World Wide Web (WWW) browserSolve logic problemsDescribe the concept of a variable Execute commands using a command-line interface

Course Topics:

·         Explaining Java Technology

·         Analyzing a Problem and Designing a Solution

·         Developing and Testing a Java Technology Program

·         Declaring, Initializing, and Using Variables

·         Creating and Using Objects

·         Using Operators and Decision Constructs

·         Using Loop Constructs

·         Developing and Using Methods

·         Implementing Encapsulation and Constructors

·         Creating and Using Arrays

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