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Federal Science College (Boys Wing) Wapda Employees Town Gujranwala has offers teachers jobs. Interested candidates having the required qualification are to apply to Principal Boys Wing by August 08, 2012.

Vacancies for Teachers Job:

  • Chemistry
  • English

Minimum Qualification:

  • M.Sc (Chemistry) / B.Sc., B.Ed. / B.S. Ed.
  • M.A. (English) / B.A., B.Ed.


a)     Candidates having good practical experience of English.

b)     English Medium will be preferred.

c)     Interested candidate are to mention their contact No. on CV.

d)     Degree should be from recognized university on approved list of HEC.

e)     No TA/DA will be available.

f)      Short listed candidates will be called for interview. Exact date of interview will be notified later.

g)     Bring your original documents at the time of interview.

Teachers Jobs in Federal Science College Gujranwala


Tel: 055-4284494

    The Institute of Business and Finance, LahoreIBF was founded by a small group of registered legislative body and financial planners. Today, over 12,000 members of the financial services industry-including several dozen affluences and 500 companies-have taken one or more IBF programs.

    Their staff is dedicated to make financial training content easier and better, serve the needs of students and graduates. The experts at IBF are ready to help you earn your financial designation today.

    Now IBF institute of education has offers admissions in matriculation, Intermediate and Graduate Level.

    IBF Campus Feature:

    • Faculty: High qualified, professional and globally renowned faculty members.
    • On Campus Facilities: Prayer room, separate common rooms for boys and girls, Gymnasium.
    • Hi-Tech class rooms.

    Programs Offered By IBF:

    • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
    • Higher Diploma in Accounting (HAD)
    • Foundation in Accountancy (FIA)

    The Institute of Business and Finance, Lahore

    Contact Information:

    PhoneAddress6-Aurangzeb Block, New Garden Town
    EmailHostel Facility

      The Punjab Group of Colleges has been dedicated to the cause of education to our nation’s youth since twenty six years and it creates a largest network of Colleges in private sector in Pakistan. Its experience and excellence has been proven time and again through its students’ achievements.

      Now Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) has offers Admissions session 2012 – 2013 in various programs of Intermediate level such as FA, F.Sc, I.Com, ICS and General Science group as well.

      Eligibility Criteria: An Eligibility criterion for admission in F.Sc is minimum first division in matric or equivalent program, and in Matric major subjects should be Science, (Pre-Engineering or Pre-Medical for admission in F.Sc Pre-Engineering and Pre-Medical respectively). For admission in ICS the major subject should be computer and other criteria is given below. Punjab Group of Colleges has offering admission for both male and female students as well.

      Punjab Group of Colleges

      Free Education and Scholarship for the Position Holders

      Punjab Group of Colleges has offers free education as well as scholarship for the matric position holders. They offer free education for the top position holders and other than this here are Car Prizes for the top position holder of the Boards and million cash prizes for first 50 positions, details are given below:

      Prizes for the Toppers of Lahore Board:

      Overall Board TopperBrand New Car
      2nd PositionRs. 400,000/- Cash
      3rd PositionRs. 300,000/- Cash
      4th to 10th PositionRs. 200,000/- Cash each
      10th to 50th PositionRs. 100,000/- Cash each
      1st Position (Arts Group)Rs. 300,000/- Cash
      2nd Position (Arts Group)Rs. 200,000/- Cash
      3rd Position (Arts Group)Rs. 100,000/- Cash


      Scholarship for the Top Position Holders of Other Boards of Punjab:

      Overall Board TopperRs. 300,000/- Cash
      2nd PositionRs. 200,000/- Cash
      3rd PositionRs. 100,000/- Cash
      4th to 10th PositionRs. 50,000/- Cash each
      1st Position (Arts Group)Rs. 200,000/- Cash
      2nd Position (Arts Group)Rs. 150,000/- Cash
      3rd Position (Arts Group)Rs. 100,000/- Cash


      They also have been given laptops to all the institutes of Punjab who attain 1st three positions in their respective boards. Other than this Punjab Group of Colleges provides free education and Insurance for disable students.

      Punjab Group of Colleges admission policy

      So students you should have to get benefit by this opportunity. The Punjab Group of Colleges has 234 campuses as well as 3 Universities and thousands of students are getting education here.

      For more information such as admission criteria, fee structure and schedule etc visit periodically…

      Cadet College Hasan Abdal Job OpportunitiesCadet College Hasan Abdal has offers lecture jobs of BS – 17 for male members. All job information are given below:

      Applications are invited for the following subjects:

      Pakistan Studies

      • Applicants having experience of teaching O – A Level classes will be preferred.
      • Free medical consultation at College Hospital
      • Free accommodation with basic furniture as available
      • Adhoc Relief Allowance 2011 @ 15%
      • Adhoc Relief Allowance 2010 @ 15%
      • Medical Allowance @ 15%
      • Special Cadet college Hasan Abdal Allowance @ 50% of the pay
      • Contributory Provident Fund as per College rules
      • Any other allowance (s)  as admission under the rules

      Applications together with a copy of recent photograph, full personal particulars and relevant experience must reach the under signed by August 04, 2012.

      Cadet College Hassan Abdal Job Opportunities

      Contact Information

      Principal Cadet College Hasan Abdal,

      Ph: 057 – 2520200



      Punjab University, Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D) Professional Annual Examination, 2013 form submission dates are announced by the officials for the First Professional, annual exam 2013 and Final Professional Annual Examination, 2013. The University of Punjab has offered admission in Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D) all details are below. According to the latest updates regarding submission of admission forms and fee for Doctor of Pharmacy with single fee is 16th August, 2013 even if you are not able to submit your form on that day than along with double fee you can submit your application form till 20th August 2013. All eligible candidates should have to apply for admission and students for your convenience admission criteria, fee schedule and admission date is given below.

      Punjab University, Doctor of Pharmacy Professional Annual Examination, 2013

      Punjab University, Doctor of Pharmacy Professional Annual Examination, 2012

      • Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D) First Professional Annual Examination, 2013

      It is hereby notified that the last date for receipt of Admission Forms and Fee of Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D). First Professional Annual Examination, 2013 will be as under:-

      The Admission Forms & Fee will be received according to the following programme:-

      1.     With Single Fee:     16-08-2013
      2.     With Double Fee:     20-08-2013

      PU Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D) Professional Annual Examination, 2013

      • Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D). Final Professional Annual Examination, 2013

      It is hereby notified that the last date for receipt of Admission Forms and Fee of Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D). Final Professional Annual Examination, 2013 is not announced yet

      Commencement date will be announced later. For more information visit periodically…

      Punjab University is the oldest University of the Pakistan and every year and now they announced form submission schedule for the First annual examination of the Pharm D so all those students who wants to be a part of the Punjab University and wants to sit in the annual examination of the Pharm D this year then you have to submit your application form by the 16th August, 2013.

      Punjab Govt. to Give Laptops to Matric Top Position HoldersPunjab Government has decided to give laptops to top position holder of matric part 2 students. Today in the ceremony of Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education which will be held in Children Complex Lahore, top position holders of 10th class will be announced, and in the honor the Punjab Government will give Laptops to the position holders as well as a free tour to the top Universities of European Countries.

      According to Government of Punjab top position will be announced today and complete result will be announce at 25th July 2012.

      Punjab Govt. to Give Laptops to Matric Top Position Holders

      In the previous year the Punjab Government has been distribute laptops to the position holders of Bachelor and Master Level. But now it will be for SSC toppers as well, this is a great step in order to enhance the computer knowledge in Pakistan. To get matric result and top position holders stay with Bucket of wishes for all of you toppers

      After Business Studies, Job or BusinessPeople simply assume that once you have completed your education in the business studies, you have to open up your own business. This concept is not entirely wrong, but there are many factors that need to be considered. First of all studying management studies provides an individual with the knowhow of how to manage anything, including themselves. Students in this field should know how best to utilize their time and resources to get the maximum benefit out of minimum costs.

      Immediately after the studies it is unwise to delve into a business. Mostly people belong to middle class and do not have the desired capital to start up a business. And even those people who do have capital or running family businesses should at least do some job in other companies to gain the experience necessary to run their own business.

      So the concept that because a student has completed their education in the management studies therefore they must run their own business is incorrect. The norms and corporate culture, organization behavior, rules and regulations, discipline and experience is not something a student can gain when they are their own boss. They need to first experience what working is all about, how much hard work is needed to achieve small rewards and how much effort is needed to be put in the work. Only then and then can a student understand and appreciate the importance and small details of running their own business.

      Of course a student must have certain idea of what they want to do once they complete their education and which field they want to join. After completing their degree what a student can do is to find a job in their desired field and understand the workings of that particular industry. There are also many Management Training Programs in many different organizations that students can avail, where they get paid alongside learning the ins and outs of the business. Then internship is another program where students can understand the implications of working in a certain organization and understand how to work in an organization.

      These programs are designed to provide the students a kind of simulation or gist of how to act and work in a job environment and what is expected of them. The best thing to do is to first gain the necessary experience and then delve into starting their business. So decide early on and have a clear vision of what you intend to do with your future. Career is not something where a person can apply the trial and error method nor is it a place where people can take many risks. It is a very sensitive part of a person’s life and must be taken care of accordingly.

       Importance of Computers in the Modern EducationIn this modern era where everything is technology savvy, the importance of computers in the field of education cannot be ignored. There are so many different things that a student can and has to do with computers. Although parents are somewhat reluctant to let their child use too much of computers because of the negatives, however this is a risk parents have to take in order to ensure that their children prosper. Elders, especially grandparents have a hard time accepting the fact that in their times, there was no need for so much technology, but there are so many things these days that students require the help of technology. The key is to keep a balance in the usage.

      Assignments, projects, presentations, extracurricular activities and many other aspects require the use of computers for students.

      Assignments and Projects:

      First of all, teachers prefer projects to be typed or in the soft copy, where computers are a must. Secondly the education system has gone out of the concept of only book reading. There are so many websites, research material available on the internet where students can not only learn about their projects but also gain extra general knowledge about the world.


      Another great usage of computers in the education system is where students are asked to give presentations about their projects or some other topic. There are so many helpful resources online where students can get guidelines about how to make their presentation excel and get good grades. The need for computers and the internet is ever growing and parents and elders have to accept this fact and not stop their children from growing in this field.

      Computer Sciences:

      There is a whole field dedicated to computer studies and information technology and people actually do PhD in computer sciences. The subject of computer is taught to children as early as in grade 2 and its importance can be understood from this.

      Extra Curricular:

      There are a number of different software that can help students enhance and grow in their hobbies such as music, photography, video editing and so much more. The students have a chance to explore their options and perfect themselves in their hobbies as well.

      The importance of computer sciences can be understood from the concept that there is no field of education or business where computers are not being used for one thing on the other. This technology savvy world demands that we keep up with the advancements and stay in touch with the outside world.

      Conditions of studying in rural areasFor a student to understand what is being taught and most importantly to concentrate they have to be comfortable with their surroundings. Just for two minutes, let us imagine we will be able to give 100% to our work if the chair is uncomfortable, or the power went out for more than 2 hours, if our clothes were uncomfortable or perhaps the air conditioner had stopped working. What 90% people do in this situation is either take the day off, or whine about the conditions and not work at all or simply take their anger out on subordinates. Now imagine that our youth, the next generation, and the people we are depending on have to start their basic education with such conditions on a daily basis.

      Students studying in private institutes have none of these factors to worry about as compared to the students in the government institutes. The condition of schools of public sector especially in small cities or villages is so detrimental that it is actually sad to see the condition of education sector suffer like that. Many documentaries have shown that some schools in certain villages don’t even run anymore, the buildings are empty and the teachers are on the payroll for doing nothing. If the same money was invested in actual studies, a major difference could be made.

      Students are studying in the scorching sun sitting on the ground with no proper classrooms, or study plans but just with the will and the yearning for education. When students from such conditions bring good results or get distinction it is a proud moment for the nation but yet no effort is made to better the conditions. If the studying conditions in these areas were made better, there is a huge chance of more educated and talented fresh minds to emerge in the economy and make a positive contribution towards the betterment of the nation.

      The conditions of studying are very important in order to bring about the best in a student, because if they are not comfortable or happy with the environment, no hard work will pay off until and unless they can actually concentrate on the studies rather than the pathetic conditions. So stay with us to get some latest suggestions…

      According to some reliable resources it is hear that Education department of Punjab Govt. has decided to announce Punjab Arts Educators jobs. It may be in the end of August or may be when schools will open.

      The arts educators jobs will be announced District wise as same as was Science Educators jobs.  The Government of Punjab (GOP) has been announced the 34000 Science Educator vacancies for all district of Punjab and now they are going to announce 16000 (16 thousand) Arts vacancies. Enrollment will be start in the end of August 2012. Minimum BA qualified can apply but in the rural areas F.Sc qualified candidates can also apply.

      As soon as Punjab Govt. will Announce Arts Educators Jobs, will be Updated here…

      Punjab Arts TeacherEducator Jobs 2012

      Eligibility Criteria:

      Candidates with minimum qualification F.Sc can also apply for BPS – 9 and BA, MA qualified candidates can apply for BPS – 14 & 16. Additional courses such as PTC, CT, DE, B.Ed and M.Ed can increase your chances of selection.

      To apply for job candidates should have to prepare their documents and also prepare for interview. Because this is a great opportunity for art’s students they should have to get jobs and prove their skills and worth. Bucket of wishes for arts candidates!

      Stay with us to get latest and instant information…

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