Lahore Leads University Admissions 2016

Lahore Leads University Admissions 2016 Open is various departments of the University as Lead Education welfare Trust was founded in 1995. The main objective of this Trust is to produce leaders for the nation through a holistic development of the individual, providing in-depth knowledge, analytical skills and a high availability of service and respect for the nation.

Thus, the trust started its projects in the field of education at all levels that is, the school system, leads Group of colleges and Lahore Leads University. It is an innovative and enterprising organization, welcoming, engaged and to succeed in the field of education, research, development and activities of the community partnership.

Admission Process

Every year Leads University offers admissions in two semesters Fall and Spring. Normally admissions for spring are offered in first week of January or in the last week of December. To get admission students can get the admission form the Leads Office or can downloads given below.

Eligibility Criteria:

Under Graduate Program:

  • FA/F.Sc/A-Level with minimum 45% marks.

Eligibility Criteria Graduate Program

  • B.A/ (Min with 2nd Division)

MS/M.Phil Admission:

  • A 16 years degree in the relevant field from an recognized educational institution with 2nd division (annual system) or CGPA 2.5/4.0 (semester system)..
    NTS GAT (General) with 50% mark

Download Admission Form Given Below

  • Fill the form carefully
  • Attach all the required documents along with Admission Form
  • Submit the Form on or Before Deadline

Click Respective Links Below  to Get Desirous Form

Admissions Spring 2016 Are Open

Fee structure BS Classes

DegreeAdmission &Registration FeeTuition Fee
per Semester
No. of
Library FeeTotal Package
BS Computer sciences20,00055,00083,000423000
BS Information Technology20,00050,00083,000423000
BS-Public Policy20,00050,00083,000423000
BS Entrepreneurship20,00050,00083,000423000
BS Public Affairs Management20,00050,00083,000423000
BS Environmental Policy and Management20,00050,00083,000423000
BS Media Management and Advertising20,00050,00083,000423000
BS Media & Mass Communication20,00040,00083,000423000
BS Mathematics20,00040,00083,000303000
M.A English20,00040,00083,000303000

Fee Structure of Master classes

DegreeAdmission &Registration FeeTuition Fee
per Semester
No. of
Library FeeTotal Package
MBA (P)20,00055,00073,000408000
Master in Human Resource20,00050,00043,000223000
Master in Supply Chain Management20,00050,00043,000223000
Master in Project Management20,00050,00043,000223000
Master in Fashion and Luxury Management20,00050,00043,000223000
Master in Agri-business20,00050,00043,000223000
M.Sc Mass Communication20,00040,00043,000183000
M.Sc Mathematics20,00040,00043,000183000
M.A English20,00040,00043,000183000

Fee Structure of MS/M.Phil classes

DegreeAdmission &
Registration Fee
Tuition Fee
per Semester
No. of
Library FeeTotal Package
MS Management20,00055,00043,000243000
MS English Literature20,00055,00043,000243000
MS English Linguistics20,00055,00043,000243000
MS Economics20,00055,00043,000243000
M.Phil Mathematics20,00055,00043,000243000
MS Education20,00055,00043,000243000
M.Phil Mass Comm20,00050,00043,000223000
MS Islamic Studies15,00030,00043,000138000


Lahore Leads University Admissions 2016

Lahore Leads University Admissions 2016

Under Graduate Programs:

  • BS Software Engineering
  • Bachelor of Computer Sciences
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • BS Entrepreneurship
  • BBA Banking & Finance
  • BS Environmental Policy and Management
  • BS Media Environment and Advertising
  • BS Media and Mass Communication
  • BS Mathematics
  • BS English Studies
  • BA LLB 5 Years

Master Program:

  • MBA (Professional)
  • MBA (Executive)
  • MBA Banking and Finance
  • Master in Human Resorce
  • Master in Supply Chain Management
  • Master in Project Management
  • Master in Information Technology
  • M.Sc Mass Communication
  • M.Sc Mathematics
  • MA English

Lahore Leads University Admissions 2016

Contact Information

Admission office: ,

Tel: 04235843205-7

Cell: +923336386454

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  1. I have taken B.A exam from AIOU. I chose “English Literature ” to study further. Can I get admission to M.A English? Pls reply me. I am much worried.

  2. i am Bsc in computer science and wanna got admission in MIT.what is the last date of admission.please how do i go about the admission process?

  3. I am an international student(Nigeria)and i want to study in medicine or in Clinical labouratory clinical science..Please how do i go about the admission process?


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