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The other test which is being used for the analysis in the quantitative research is the co-relation test. This test is significantly used to check the inter-dependency of the variable on each other. This check that how the change in one variable effects the other variables. this is to check how the independent variable effects the mediating variables if they are subjected to any change while with the same time it is also being analyzed that how the change in mediating variables have the impact on the dependent variable and ultimately the impact of independent variable is being checked on the dependant variable.

Histogram, Pie chart and bar graph:

For the descriptive data which is not being quantified while it is being in the form of words and images there are specific tools which are being used for the purpose of analysis. These tools include construction of Histogram, Pie chart and bar graph respectively. This enables the researcher to make an analysis of the descriptive data which is being acquired with the help of the questionnaires from the respective respondents in the concerned industry or sector.

So through the help of these tools the researcher makes the analysis of its collected data regarding the specific study and which ultimately helps him to draw the conclusions and the results of the entire study. In this stage the researcher processes all the acquired data in the statistical form so that drawing the conclusions becomes easier as well as effective in respect to the study or research.

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