Research Institutes In Pakistan List

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Research Institutes In Pakistan List

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  1. Advance Educational Institute & Research Center.
  2. Agriculture Research Institute, Quetta
  3. Agricultural Census Organization
  4. Agriculture Training Institute
  5. Applied Economic Research Center, Hyderabad
  6. Applied Economics Research Centre, Karachi
  7. Area Study Centre, Far East and Southeast Asia, University of Sindh, Jamshoro
  8. Asian Management Institute
  9. Azra Naheed Center for Research and Development, Superior University Lahore
  10. Business Research Consultants
  11. Business Incubation and Support Company (BISCON, Office no. 175/176 Super Market Depal Pur, Lahore
  12. Bioresource Research Centre (BRC)
  13. Central Cotton Research Institute, Multan
  14. Central Cotton Research Institute, Nawabshah
  15. Centre Of Excellence In Analytical Chemistry, Jamschoro
  16. Centre of Excellence In Geology, Peshawar
  18. Cholistan Institute of Desert Studies (CIDS-IUB)
  19. Civil Aviation Training Institute
  20. Collective for Social Science Research
  21. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
  22. Commecs Institute of Faculty Training
  23. Computer Training Centre
  24. Directorate of Research and Training
  25. Directorate of Manpower and Training, Sindh
  26. Directorate Of Veterinary Research Institute
  27. Soil Research and Survey Center
  28. Directorate Of Staff Development, Punjab
  29. e Sci [International Research organization]
  30. Electronics Design Centre
  31. Environmental Protection Agency, Punjab
  32. Economic Evaluation and Research Centre, Pakistan (EERC)
  33. Farm Guide Agricultural Consultancy Services
  34. Fisheries Research and Training Institute, Lahore
  35. Geological Survey of Pakistan
  36. Health Services Academy, Islamabad
  37. H. E. J. Research Institute Of Chemistry
  38. Hydrocarbon Development Institute Of Pakistan
  39. Institute of Rural Management [1]
  40. In-service Agricultural Training Institute Rahim Yar Khan
  41. Institute of Research Promotion (IRP)
  42. Industrial Relations Institute Lahore
  43. Inspectorate of Mines, Government of Punjab Lahore
  44. Institute of Education and Research, Karachi
  45. Institute of Meteorology & Geophysics
  46. Institute of Marine Engineers Pakistan (IMarE)
  47. Institute of Policy Studies (IPS)
  48. Institute of Regional Studies, Peshawar (IRS) details
  49. Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad (ISSI)
  50. Institute Of Cost And Management Accountants Of Pakistan
  51. Integrated Health Services, Islamabad (IHS Pakistan)
  52. International Institute of Islamic Studies and Research IISAR Karachi
  53. Iqra University Research Center (IURC)
  54. Legal Research Institute of Pakistan (LRIP)
  55. Local Govt. and Rural Development Training Institute, Lalamusa
  56. Margala Institute of Health Sciences, Islamabad
  57. Marine Fisheries Department
  58. NDFC- Pakistan Development Banking Institute
  59. National Centre Of Excellence In Analytical Chemistry, Jamschoro
  60. National Centre of Excellence In Geoloy, Peshawar
  61. National Centre Of Excellence In Physical Chemistry, Peshawar
  62. National Fertilizer Development Centre (NFDC)
  63. National Fertilizer Corporation (Nfc) Technical Training Centre
  64. National Institute of Electronics
  65. National Institute of Historical and Culural Research
  66. National Institute Of Labour Administration Training
  67. National Institute Of Malaria Research And Training
  68. National Transport Research Centre
  69. PARC-IIBC Station, International Institute Of Biological Control
  70. Pakistan Administrative Staff College, Lahore
  71. Pakistan Agricultural Research Council Islamabad
  72. Pakistan Forest Research Institute, Peshawar
  73. Pakistan Industrial Technical Assistance Centre (PITAC)
  74. Pakistan Institute for Air Defence Studies
  75. Pakistan Institute Of Cotton Research And Technology
  76. Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE)
  77. Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS)
  78. Pakistan marine science council.
  79. Pakistan Design Institute of Historical Perspective
  80. Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER)
  81. Pakistan Institute of Management Karachi
  82. Pakistan Institute of National Development (PIND)
  83. Pakistan Marine Academy
  84. Pakistan Manpower Institute
  85. Pakistan Medical Research Council
  86. Pakistan Meteorological Department
  87. Pakistan Space And Upper Atmosphere Research Commission
  88. Pakistan Scientific & Technological Information Centre
  89. Perac Research & Development Foundation
  90. Petroman
  91. PIA, Training Centre, Karachi Airport
  92. Research and Development Solutions
  94. Sindh Bureau of Statistics
  95. Sindh Development Studies Centre
  96. Sindh Regional Plan Organization
  97. Soil Survey of Pakistan
  98. South Asia Institute for Human Sexuality (SAIHS)
  99. STRAPS (Scholar Teacher Research Alliance for Problem Solving)
  100. Technical Training Centre, Peshawar
  101. Textiles Industry Research & Development Centre
  102. The Family Planning Association of Pakistan
  103. The Institute Of Bankers In Pakistan
  104. The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
  105. Training and Management Development Dept. of the Agricultural Development Bank
  106. University College of Engineering & Technology, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
  107. Veterinary Research Institute, Lahore
  108. Water Management Training Institute, Punjab
  109. Pakistan Institute of International Affairs, Karachi
  110. for Social Science Research
  111. Ceee Solutions; Solutions of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Thermal Power & Sustainable Power

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