City School Karachi

Here is the detailed list of City School Campuses in Karachi along with contact details so far. Since 1978 a School starts to educate the kids existing in that society at that time. Kids get education along with awareness about how to behave in society and how you can modify yourself towards society. School comes in to being with Slogan “I AM-To LEARN”. From Many year school gives society a well trained doctors and Engineering. School is having the environment of International Schools.

School is basically special in transform the humans in to personalities which could be utilize again for the betterment of Society. There are lots of Facilities are exists n school like Computer Labs,Audio Visual Facilities as well as a well equipped Science Lab for academic point of View. Sports fields,game courts and school Library are extra touch which show that all their campuses having the same infrastructure consisting of these things.

City School Karachi Campuses

Branch NameClass LevelGenderAddressPhoneEmail
Darakhshan CampusJr lV to A’LevelCo-EducationDK-2, Khayaban-e-Bukari, Phase-VI, DHA021-35842295 –; (Principal)
Defence CampusPG to Jr IIlCo-EducationTC 2 / A Street 34, Khayaban-e-Rahat,Phase V, DHA021-35344352, 35347712-3, 35440654,;
F.B. AREA TCK-IJr. l / Jr. ll / Jr. lllCo-EducationST-4, Block 4,
F.B. AREA TCK-IIPG / Nur / KGCo-EducationD-11, Block 11, F.B.
Gulistan-e-Jauhar CampusPG to PllCo-EducationST-28, Block 14,;(Principal)
Gulistan-e-Jauhar llPG / Nur / KGCo-EducationBunglow No. C-6,7,33,34,35, & 36, Block-8, Gulistan-e-Jauhar ( Next to Race Course)021-34016773,
Gulshan A-LevelA-I / A-IICo-EducationE-14, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34991903 /
Gulshan Campus A (Boys)Jr-VI to Sr-IIBoysPB 6 Block B N.C.E.C.H.S Block 10-A Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34800574, 34814212, ;(Principal); (Communication)
Gulshan Campus BJr. lll to Jr. VlCo-EducationPB 4 Block B N.C.E.C.H.S Block 10-A Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34837634-5 /
Gulshan Junior AJr. I. / Jr.llCo-EducationD-175, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34962651,
Gulshan Junior BJr.I / Jr-II /Jr. lllCo-EducationE-72, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34976287 –
Gulshan Junior CJr. l / Jr.IICo-EducationE-74, Block 7,
Gulshan Junior DJr.III / Jr. lVCo-EducationE-65/1, Block 4,
Gulshan Junior EJr-lll / Jr.Lv / Jr.VCo-EducationD-165, Block 7,
Gulshan Junior GirlsJr.VI / PlGirlsE-65, Block 7 &,
Gulshan Prep GirlsP. II / PIIIGirlsE-61, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34967855-
Gulshan Senior GirlsSr.I / Sr. IIGirlsE-62, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34810400 –
Gulshan TCK – IPG / NurCo-EducationE-124/1, Block 7 ,
Gulshan TCK – IINur / KGCo-EducationE-124/1, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34960218,
Gulshan TCK – IIIKG / Jr. lCo-EducationE-120/1, Block 7,
Gulshan TCK- lVPG / NurCo-EducationB-37 Block 1-Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34968145,
Gulshan TCK-VKG/Jr-I /Jr-IICo-EducationD-12, 13 D/2 Gulshan-e-Iqbal021
Gulshan-e-Maymar CampusPG to Jr.VICo-EducationST-002, Sector W, Sub Sector V,
North Nazimabad A ‘LevelAI-AIICo-EducationF- 102/ 1, Block F, North Nazimabad021-
North Nazimabad Boys CampusP I / PII / P III S.I / Sr.IIBoysD-28, D-29, Block ‘D’ North Nazimabad021-36721536,;;
North Nazimabad Junior AJr I / Jr. IICo-EducationE-54/1 Block F, North Nazimabad021- 36629779-
North Nazimabad Junior BJr-III/Jr-IV/ Jr-VCo-EducationF-82, Block ? B, North;;
North Nazimabad Junior BoysJr IV / Jr.V / Jr.VIBoysF- 73, Block B, North Nazimabad021- 36646552-
North Nazimabad Prep GirlsJr.VI / Pl / PIlGirlsF-126, Block F, North Nazimabad021-36647706-
North Nazimabad Senior GirlsPIII / Sr I / Sr. IIGirlsF – 126, Block F, North
North Nazimabad TCK – IPG /Nur/ KGCo-EducationF-91, Block-F, North Nazimabad021-36722622,
North Nazimabad TCK – llPG/Nur/KG/ Jr.l/Jr. llCo-EducationBunglow No. E-69 Block- B, North Nazimabad,
North Nazimabad TCK-lllPG / Nur / KGCo-EducationD-26, Block N, North
PAF ChapterKG to A ‘LevelCo-EducationShaheed-e-Millat Extension, Off Shahrah-e-Faisal,021- (Principal) (Communication) ;(A-Level)
PECHS A ‘LevelA-I / A-IICo-Education42 T, Block 6, PECHS021-34559108,
PECHS Boys CampusPrep-ll to Senior. llBoys15/D & 15/E, Al-Riaz Society,Near Hill Park Hospital PECHS021-34541568,
PECHS Junior -B-BahadurabadJr.lll / Jr.lVCo-EducationPlot # 419-A-BYJCHS,
PECHS Junior BoysJr. V / VI / Prep-IBoys144-C, B2, Hali Road, PECHS021-34558463,
PECHS Junior GirlsJr. V / VI / P-IGirls147 Q, Block 2,
PECHS Junior-AJr.ll / Jr. lllCo-Education154 – N,˜ Block 2, PECHS021-34555792,
PECHS Prep GirlsPrep-II / Prep-IIIGirls142 P, Block 2,
PECHS Senior GirlsSr-I / Sr-IIGirls8-N, Block 6,
PECHS TCK IPG / NurCo-Education43-G, Block 6,
PECHS TCK IIIPG/ Nur/ KG/Jr lCo-Education143-J, B2, Syed Sajjad Haider Yaldrum, Road021-34553066,
PECHS TCK-ll SMCHSPG/Nur/ KG/JrCo-EducationA-217, SMCHS, Karachi021-34534363,
PECHS TCK-lV KAECHSPG/ Nur/ KG/Jr lCo-EducationHouse No.C-109, Block 4 Administration Employees Cooperative Society,
PECHS TCK-Shahra-e-FaisalPG / Nur / KG /Jr ICo-EducationBanglow # 20, Bangalore Town, Main Shahrah e Faisal021- 34536875,
PECHS TCK-Tipu SultanPG / Nur / KGCo-Education14- Al Hamra Society, Tipu Sultan

These facilities are enough to bring students in the world of imagination and the only benefit of that world is that students can make ambitions that either they wants to become doctor,Engineer,Lawyer or anything else. Actually in other world i want to say that this school is close to wants and demands of society. This School gives students opportunity to polish themselves according to the fields they wants to take on in future. If you are searching for this school which can makes your kids Disciplined,confident than you are right place and we are just talking about the City school. Actually since 1978 this school is well aware how to react with different nature of students and gives them training accordingly.

It’s first Campus was starts in Karachi and now it is grown up with about 152 branches in 43 cities with thousands of students and numerous teaching and non-teaching staff.  City school having many campuses in Karachi and contacts details along with Campus location in Karachi listed here you can get here at this page. you are welcome to the school which provides you a best way how to grow with the changes as well how to overcome the obstacle which comes to your desired future as you already perceived.


  1. I want to put my daughter in your school having age 2.5 years living at Karachi kent. pl help and guide me. Thanks

  2. Plz give full information about city school main campus for fourth year old boy hostel education

  3. I want to teach my son in your school . Please help me what is your procejer.he is styding in class 7 in paradise school.


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