Ramadan Mubarak SMS, Greetings, Wishes & Quotes


Ramzan-ul-Mubarak Greeting CardsHoly Ramadan Mubarak is the month happiness and pleasures, because it is a great month and brings uncountable blessings from Allah Almighty to Ummah Muhammad (S.A.A.W). Ramzan-ul-Mubarak welcomed warmly by the Muslims all around the world and in this extent they want to wish and celebrate with their near and dear ones. For doing this they always need Ramadan Mubarak SMS, Greetings, Wishes & Quotes as well. I have wrote down some of the quotes and wishes for you, so share your Ramadan with your near and dear ones.

Ramzan-ul-Mubarak Hadees and Quotes

  • Ramadan Mubarak is the month in which Allah was sent down the Qur’an, as a guide to mankind, also clear Signs for guidance and judgment between right and wrong.
    So every one of you who is present during that month should keep fast.
  • Welcome Ramadan
    Walk humbly
    Talk graciously
    Dress neatly
    Treat kindly
    Pray alertly
    Donate open handedly
    May ALLAH bless & protect you…
  • Prophet Muhammad (S.A.A.W). said:
    “Whoever stood for the prayers in the night of Shab e Qadr with genuine faith and
    hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his prior sins will be forgiven”
  • I’m Coming I am coming to ur house to give u all types of happiness, success & joys, so plz welcome me after few minutes U know I’m Urs…. *Ramadan* Barkaton n Rehmaton ka Mahe-Mubarak Happy Ramadan Mubarak Remember me in ur prayers. **************
    • (‘_’ )>
    • <( ‘_’)
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    • <( ‘_’)
    • JitNA MARzi kan lga k sun lo Magrib ki azan me abi bohot time hai!
      Sabar Karo

    Ramzan-ul-Mubarak Dua for First, Second and Third Ashras

Ramzan-ul-Mubarak Dua for First, Second and Third Ashras

Ramzan-ul-Mubarak Greeting Cards

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