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Pakistan is one of those countries which are being affected by the terrorism activities in their premises; there are a lot of after effects of these disastrous activities which include the monetary loss, loss of lives and even the loss of national peace and dignity. Pakistan is going through hard times under the hand of terrorism activities. The start of the terrorism in Pakistan was late in 2007 when the incident of Lal masjid took place; when the militants and the religious followers got head to head. The military took over the mosque but that gave the birth to the religious extremism and since then terrorism has just peaked to its extent in the last one decade.

Essay on terrorism in PakistanThe religious militants who were able to escape from the mosque in Islamabad; rehabilitated in the tribal areas and from their started to plan against the government because they consider this attack as the government against the Islamic rules and regulations, so from that day these religious militants have targeted the natioanl security and the security agencies in Pakistan which includes Police, Army, Navy and even Air Force. The other very core reason behind the enlargement of terrorism activities in Pakistan is the friendly relationship of Pakistani Government with the United States of America despite of all the drone attacks in the tribal areas of Pakistan hosted by America. Terrorism has affected the Pakistani nation in immense adverse manner as it has destroyed the national economy as well as the national goodwill of our country in the eyes of the international world.

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The impacts of terrorism are brutal and breathtaking on the country as it has destroyed the economy of our country. The main reason behind this is that due to such horrible law and order situation of Pakistan the foreign investors have stop their investment in the country and even the existing projects have been stopped so that have ultimately had a negative impact on the economy of the country as the unemployment has increased and with it the per capita income has decreased simultaneously. The peace and the law and order of the country has even made the citizens fearful as day by day the terrorist activities are being made which has killed thousands of people who were not guilty. The loss of precious lives and the destruction of the public and governmental property has made terrorism as one of the most threatening and intimidating factor for the national interest of Pakistan.

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    Lal masjid incident happened in July-2007 while the suicide attacks start from Airstricke on a Madrassa at Bajaur Agency, the tribal area of Pakistan. It results 82 Madrassa students.

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