Fatima Jinnah Women University Admissions 2011

Fatima Jinnah Women University MPhill and Phd Admissions 2011

Fatima Jinnah Women University MPhill and Phd Admissions 2011. Fatima Jinnah offers an incomparable environment for young girls. The university focuses on two distinct  dimensions. One is to add significantly to the standards of higher education, the other is to introduce new areas of  study for the young women of Pakistan. The goal of FJWU is to achieve and maintain international standards.  Computer education is central to our ongoing programs. Our graduates are working with prestigious, national and   international organizations.

Last Date to Apply is 29 November 2011

Fee Structure

Bachelors ProgramMasters Program
Admission Fees(One Time) (A) Admission Fees(One Time) (A)
Registration Fees (NR)732.00Registration Fees (NR)2,112.00
Admission Fee (NR)732.00Admission Fee (NR)2,123.00
ID Card (NR)265.00Library Card(NR)94.00
Security (NR)1,331.00ID Card (NR)265.00
Library Security (Refundable)1,815.00Study Trips (NR)660.00
Student Events (NA)572.00
Computer Security (NR)3,058.00Security (Refundable)1,815.00
Total 7,933.00 Library Security (Refundable)1,815.00
Semester Fees (B)Total 9,456.00
Tuition Fees (NR)4,928.00Semester Fees (B)
Computer Fee (NR)1,997.00Tuition Fees (NR)2,167.00
Library Fund (NR)798.00Research Fund (NR)924.00
Research Fund (NR)732.00Lab Charges (NR)798.00
Medical Fund (NR)132.00Library Charges (NR)396.00
Sports Fund (NR)264.00Medical Fund (NR)198.00
Education Security Fund (NR)132.00Sports Charges (NR)330.00
Campus Development Fund (NR)528.00Campus Development Fund (NR)528.00
Students Events (NR)396.00Magazine Fund (NR)143.00
Magazine Fund (NR)132.00Students Welfare Fund (NR)264.00
Students Welfare Fund (NR)330.00Examination Fees (NR)880.00
Examination Fees (NR)1,595.00
Total 11,964.00 Total 6,628.00
Grand Total (A + B)
Grand Total (A + B)
Self Support Bachelors and Masters Programs
Bachelors Program(ss) Rs. Masters Program(ss) Rs.
Semester Fee (NR)27,500.00Semester Fee (NR)42,350.00
Registration Fee (NR) (One Time)6,050.00Registration Fee (NR) (One Time)6,050.00
Library Security (Refundable)(One Time)3,025.00Library Security (Refundable)(One Time)3,025.00
Total 39,325.00 Total 51,425.00
BS(SE)/BCA Programs(SS) Rs.
Semester Fee (NR)51,425.00
Registration Fees

Admission Forms

The Prospectus & application forms are available after the program is advertised. The following Banks are authorized for the sale of prespectus @ Rs. 750/- and issue and receipt of admission forms:

1. Bank of Punjab for Bachelor Program
2. First Women Bank Ltd. for Masters Program

Contact Us:

Fatima Jinnah Women University
The Mall, Old Presidency, Rawalpindi-Pakistan

Telephone: +92-051-9270050-54,+92-051-9271162

Fax: +92-051-9271168

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