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Courses After Matric Class

Courses After Matric Class

If you are looking for Courses After Matric Class then you are on the right page. All those students who have done their Matric and now thinking that what subject will be the best for them, then keep on reading this post to get details about this topic. 10th class is the first half of the student’s life which is necessary to accomplish with good Marks. After this, they have to choose the subject which they want to study further. It means the grades the get in this class have a lot of importance. The only thing they need is to get the best marks and pass it. Then choosing the best course is the important thing. So keep on reading this post to get guidance about what will be the best for you after matric and which subject you should be select after that either arts, commerce, or science. I advise you that never compromise with your studies and just choose the compatible subject with your mind and the guidance is here.

Courses After Matric Class

Matric Class is supporting the student’s life in a better way and till the education ends and practical life starts. 10th Class is said to be the most important in student life. Parents mostly think under matric students is considered as the immature level of leaning and after Matric he or she is completely responsible for their future without further need of parent’s guideline. Therefore Selection of the Courses after the Matric Class is an important step in everyone’s life. Courses after Matric Class is very important because many students lead the same path after Intermediate which they selected earlier. So, the Best Courses After Matric Class are given on this page.

Courses After Matric Class

What to do After Matric in Pakistan

After passing the 10th class, students look forward to selecting the field that will help them in the future. They should also choose the one that suits their taste. For this, most of them select FSc or ICS or FA. So, have a look down for these courses.

1. Intermediate in Science (F.Sc.)

FSc is a 2-years of education in science subjects. There are two types of subjects they have to choose i.e. Pre-medical and Pre-engineering. The students who want to become a doctor or go for medical fields choose Pre-Medical. On the other hand, the students who want to become an engineer selects Pre-engineering. There is a combination of the following subjects for them.

2. Intermediate in Computer (ICS)

The second most selected course is ICS. It is a 2-year study in computer science. There are two types of subject selections for the students.

  • ICS (Physics)
    Computer, Math, Physics
  • ICS (Statistics)
    Computer, Math, Statistics

These days many colleges offer ICS in different combinations like a student can elect economics in place of mathematics and can choose statistics in place of physics but in ICS Subjects the computer the necessary subject.

What To Do After ICS

3. Intermediate in Arts (F.A)

The 2-year education in Arts after matric is called FA. It is also the most important and well-known course in Pakistan. The subjects include the following.

  1. Urdu (Foreign students can study Easy Urdu o Pakistan Culture as alternate subject)
  2. English
  3. Islamiat (Non-Muslim students can take up Civics in place of Islamiat)
  4. Pakistan Studies:

NOTE: Easy Urdu or Pakistan Culture can be studied by only those foreign students who have passed their Matriculation or equivalent in a foreign country.

4. Intermediate In Commerce I.COM

One of the most important courses is ICOM. It is the study of commerce subjects especially related to business and economy. The subjects are as follows.

Part I: Principles of Accounting, Principles of Economics, Principles of Commerce, Business Mathematics

Part II: Principles of Accounting, Commercial Geography, Computer Studies / Banking, Statistics

What To Do After I. Com

  • General Science: Statistics, Mathematics, Economics
  • Humanities: Applicants should choose three elective subjects, one from each group respectively, for the Humanities Group.
Group I Group II Group III
Statistics Mathematics Economics
Geography Philosophy Psychology
English Literature Civics Islamic History
Islamiyat World History
Languages Fine Arts Music
a. Arabic Physical Education
b. Advance Urdu
c. French
d. Persian

Important for Applicants to the Humanities:

  • A subject will only be offered if 15 or more students opt for the subject.
  • Applicants opting for subjects that require practicals such as Psychology, Geography or Physical Education, are advised not to choose Fine Arts due to possible clashes of practical timings of Fine Arts classes.
  • Physical Education will only be offered in the evening shift.
  • Fine Arts classes are conducted in the afternoon i.e. 2.00 pm onwards.
  • Applicants can choose only two subjects from among Statistics, Mathematics, and Economics. The third subject should be chosen from the rest of the subjects in the Humanities group. For example, applicants can choose Statistics, Mathematics and Psychology or Statistics, Economics and Civics or Economics, Mathematics and French, etc.
  • 80% marks are required in Matriculation Mathematics if a candidate wants to take Mathematics and /or Statistics as an elective subject.
    Aptitude test is required if a candidate of F.A wants to take English Literature and/or Fine Arts as an elective subject.
  • All applicants applying for admission on seats reserved for Sports must take Physical Education as an elective subject. Other interested applicants may also take the subject after successfully undertaking a physical efficiency test.

What To Do After Arts/ Humanities

Diploma Courses After Matric

Apart from the Science and Art studies, the diploma has a lot of importance. So, have a look down for it.

Diploma In Associate Engineering (DAE)

Students who want to go in practical fields such as electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, technical, and computer courses. Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority TEVTA is an official authority is working in Pakistan to admission candidates to the three years diploma programs.

  • Short Courses in Agriculture
  • Short courses in Allied health
  • Short Course in Ceramics
  • Short Course in Chemical / Petrochemical
  • A short course in Civil and construction
  • Short Courses in Electronics and Electrical
  • Short Courses in Hospitality and Service
  • Short Courses in IT and ICT
  • Short Courses in the Leather industry
  • Short Courses in manufacturing fields
  • Short Courses in Mechanical

There are various other short courses which are offered by the TEVTA for Diploma in Associate Engineering (DAE) for three years programs…

Which Course is Best After Matric?

So, these were the most common and important courses you should select after matric. There is a good future for the students. That’s why if they select any of them, then they should study hard in it because it will lead them to success. So, this was all about Courses After Matric Class. Hopefully, you are confident about the post and will do the best. Stay connected with us for more educational information.


  1. As salam o Alikum
    Q#1 Inter (commerce) ke baad BCS (Bachelor of Computer Science) kr skte hen ??
    Q#2 Matric (commerce ) ke baad kon kon se course/diploma hen jin me faida ho?

    1. I com k bad BSc kr skty hn.. or diploma koi bhi kr skty hn apny interest k mutabik… jis main bhi perfection ho ge usi mian faida ho ga…

  2. Sir main matric ky exam dye h.arts subject ky sath .mary 9th class 409 Mark’s ay thy. Main army main jana cahti ho os ky main kon sy subjectv rako.plz help me.f.a b.a mujay army ki job kon degree cahiy. Plz help me.

    1. You can join Pak Army after FSc medical or Engineering… or in case you want to join as a doctor you should do Bsc nursing or MBBS with Pak Army…

  3. I am saba mn matric pass ki ha 2006.diploma in community midwife .mn ab study karny chati hn plz muje help karny mn f .a kon sy group mn karno.

  4. sir plz tell me about FSE many matric computer science ma kia ho or ma fse medical ma krna chata hun kya asa ho sakta ha

  5. AOA Friends agr kisi ny matric mai computer science subject rakha ho tu kia fsc mai wo bio subject rakh skta hai plz tell me guys

  6. I did matric in science in 1st year I got admission in FA so after FA I can again Chemistry and sample bio please replay me

  7. I am read in fA plz hel me mujy kuch samj ni a rahi kya karna ha my subjects aducation,caivci,punjabi please help me


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