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B.SC Nursing

B.SC Nursing

Nursing is a health care profession which involves caring for the sick or injured or infirm. Nursing is an essential part of any health care system. Nursing encompasses almost all departments of a hospital, from paediatrics to intensive care. Nursing is not just technical know-how, it plays a major role in creating a positive environment for quick recovery of the patients. Since it involves service towards mankind, it is known as a ‘Noble Profession’. A Nursing professional is known as ‘Nurse’. A Nurse performs a multitude of activities as per her qualifications and position in a health care environment. In a typical environment, a nurse at junior level performs bedside care of the patients, while those at the senior level manages them and special group of patients belonging to various departments. Their duty also involves dispensing medication, keeping records of the patients progress, setting up and operating medical equipment, administration and several other routine chores. Various Nursing Colleges offer a variety of graduate and post-graduate courses, however the most pursued one is that which is required in a hospital environment. Nursing is a challenging profession, it requires long hours of physical and mental work and as such requires lot of patience, strength and courage.

BS.C Nursing subjects/Content

  • Nursing Foundation
  • Behavioural Sciences
  • Nursing Education and Research
  • Nursing Administration Practical

B.SC Nursing Objectives

  • To prepare candidates for bedside, care nursing , family care nursing, nursing supervision and nursing administration
  • To prepare candidates to reach the top position in their profession
  • To prepare nursing personnel to conduct research and related activities

B.SC Nursing Job Types

  • Director of Nursing.
  • Nurse Administrator.
  • Forensic Nurse.
  • Assistant Nursing Superintendent.
  • Nurse Supervisor.
  • Nursing Lecturer.
  • Staff Nurse.
  • Nurse Principal.
  • Researcher.

B.SC Nursing Employment Areas

  • Clinics.
  • Factories.
  • Hospitals.
  • Heath Departments.
  • Industrial Houses.
  • Military.
  • Medical Departments.
  • Nursing Homes.
  • Orphanages.
  • Old Age Homes.
  • Railways.
  • Schools.
  • Training Institutes.

Here is the List Of Nursing Colleges which are providing the B.Sc Nursing study at their best level In Pakistan.

Colleges currently Offered B.SC Nursing


  1. only 1 nursing degree college in Lahore? no details are available regarding admission open n fee package.


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