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How To Write A Research Thesis

The literal meaning of the research is to search again which means that it is the continual process and in other words it is being stated that it is the process of gathering the relevant information regarding any specific problem or any question. The other important concept is regarding the business research. According to the definition a business research is a systematic and objective process of gathering, recording and analyzing the data to make effective business decisions.

How To Write A Research Thesis

The research process has several steps which should be fulfilled to conduct an appropriate and valid research thesis. These steps include the following:

1.      Select a topic or problem:

While choosing the respective topics it is very important to follow a pattern through which you refine your topic.

  • Select the area in which you want to conduct your research. Example: Management Sciences.
  • Now select the relevant field of research in your selected area. Example: Finance, HRM, or Marketing (for the above example)
  • Now further refine it by selecting the topic of your research. Example: Advertising in Marketing
  • Now do select the respective industry of your research. Example: Telecommunication, Banking sector or even education sector.

While making your model make one thing sure that your model consist of three things;

  • Independent variable (at the left extreme)
  • Mediating variables ( in the middle)
  • Dependent variable ( at the right extreme)

While drawing the model makes sure that the arrows and directions which are being shown should be from the independent variable to the dependent variable. The independent variable should be at the left end than direction (arrows) should be made towards the mediating variables which are in the center and from the mediating the direction should be shown towards the dependent variable which should be at the right end.

2. Literature review:

The second step is to validate your topic by conducting a literature review. In this step the researcher goes through the previous researches which are being conducted by various researchers all over the world and relevant data is being taken from their studies. One thing is to be make sure that the data which is being taken should not be copied instead of it should be Paraphrased in one’s own words. For this purpose several search engines like Google Scholar can be used. Other portals include Emerald and various databases.

3. Research design:

Now the design is being formed and formulated through which the research will be conducted. This includes the methodology which should be defined at the initial level that what process will be conducted and how the entire research will be processed. In this phase one decides that either the study which is being conducted will be Quantitative or Qualitative.

4. Data collection:

Now the phase of data collection is being started. In this step questionnaires are being prepared according to the relevant and concerned topic of the research and the questionnaire which are being formed are being filled by the people of the industry which is being opted at the basic level of the research so that the relevant data and the modern scenario should be obtained which will be helpful for the study.              

5. Data preparation:

After collecting the data the phase of data preparation is being arrived. In this stage the data which is being acquired in the form of questionnaire is being put in to the concerned research software’s, amongst which SPSS is one of the most used software. The data which is being in the form of words and images are being converted into the form of numbers and quantitative form by using the lickert scale. Through which numbers are assigned to each of the option according to the rating from excellent to very poor.                                                                                                                     

6. Data analysis:

As the data is being entered in to the relevant research software than the processing of the data is being done in which several tests are being applied by the software and the relations are being formed regarding the dependent, mediating and independent variables of the respective research thesis. These tests may include co-relation and regression tests.

7. Discussion and conclusion:

After making an analysis of the data now discussions and conclusions are being drawn in which you either support your defined hypothesis with the relevant proofs and logic’s or you may oppose your prescribed hypothesis on the basis of logical assumptions and results.     

8. Report writing:

When the entire conclusions are being drawn than in the last but not the least a comprehensive report is being written in which the entire information regarding the complete study are being discussed. This is known as the crux of entire research thesis conducted by any individual.

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