Quantitative Research Method For Data Analysis

The relevant data is being acquired with the help of the questionnaire. These are the questionnaires which are being filled by the respective respondents which belong to your selected industry or sector. When the data is being collected and all the questionnaires are being fulfilled than the stage of preparing the data arrives in which the data is being prepared as it is being converted from the form of images and words in to the numerical state or in other words in to quantitative form.

Preparation of quantitative data questionnaire:

Usually the questionnaire consists of close ended questions for the purpose of obtaining the quantitative data. So for this respective concern the lickert scale is being used in the questionnaire. The lickert scale is the form in which the questions are being asked while their answers are being in the form of rating system, usually from very good to very poor or unsatisfactory. So rating from 1 to 5 is being allotted to all the options available for answering any particular question.

Quantitative Research Method For Data Analysis

Analyzing of Data Through SPSS:

When the questionnaires are being filled than they are being processed in which they are being entered in to the software for the purpose of analysis. The most common software which is being used for the purpose of quantitative study is SPSS. In this software the data is being encoded in the numerical form as with the help of that rating scale system known as the lickert scale.

While preparing the data the question is being entered in the SPSS software and its answer which is being given by the respondents is being entered in the form of numbers; if the respondent has ticked or checked the option of very poor than you will rate the answer in the software as 1, because in lickert scale very poor is being denoted by 1. While if the respondent has checked the option of excellent this means he have ticked the best possible answer so while encoding it in the SPSS software we will enter 5 in from of that question because 5 is the highest rate given to the option of excellent as per the standards of LickertĀ  scale. So through the same process all the questions which are being listed in the questionnaire are being prepared in the individual software keeping all the record of the filled questionnaires from all the respondents and doing the same process for all the filled questionnaires.

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