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Punjab University Lahore Diploma/Certificate Courses

Punjab University (PU) Lahore offer different Diploma and Certificate Courses to the students of the Pakistan so the complete list of all the Diploma/Certificate Courses are listed here on this page. To take admission in the Punjab University is like an honor for the students and when you completed your ay degree from this University then you will definitely get the attention of the employers. These Diploma and Certificate Courses are also know as short courses that are offered by PU and time duration of the course depends upon the course you join as there are some that are completed in 3 weeks but there are also which completed in 12 weeks so it varies. Punjab University Lahore were established in 1882 before the Independence of Pakistan , This University is also the oldest and biggest higher education provider institute in Pakistan. As this University were established in the Muslim majority Area and on the land of historical and cultural city that is Lahore so after independence it came in Pakistan . Then a new campus were build in the mid of the Lahore along with Canal and University starts growing day and night now the time has come when this university has four campus that is in Lahore, Gujranwala, Khanspur and Jhelum Campus. There are more than 63 Department that are working in the University with the help of 730 permanent faculty members. Now as mentioned above that are many Diploma and Certificate Courses that are being offered by the University’s different faculty and department so here are the complete list available to this page have a look.

Punjab University Lahore Diploma/Certificate Courses

Punjab University Lahore Certificate Courses

Department of French

  • Certificate in French Language (Evening Program)
  • Certificate in Spoken French (Advanced Level) (Evening Program)
  • French Online Certificate (Evening Program)
  • Certificate in Spoken French (Beginner Level) (Evening Program)
  • Certificate (French Language / for Business) (Evening Program)

Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences :

  • Short Courses (Marriage, Family and Family Laws)

Faculty of Education:

  • Short Course in Sign Language
  • Short Course in Speech Theraphy

Faculty of Engineering & Technology:

  • Certificate Course in Textile Technology
  • Laboratory Process Improvement through (ISO) 17025
  • Textile Laboratory Professional (TLP)
  • Short Course in Textile Technology on Boiler Operation and Performance Enhancement

Faculty of Life-Sciences:

  • LISL Summer Program

Department of Zoology:

  • Certificate in MS/M.Phil. Zoology
  • Faculty of Oriental Learning:
  • Certificate in Hindi
  • Certificate in Urdu

Punjab University Lahore Diploma Courses

Department of English Language & Literature:

  • Diploma in Linguistics
  • Post Graduate Diploma in English Language Teaching (ELT)

Department of French:

  • Diploma (French language/for Business) (Evening Program)
  • Diploma in French for Business (Evening Program)

Department of Political Science:

  • D.I.A. (Post Graduate Diploma in International Affairs)

Institute of Communication Studies:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Development Support Communication Self Supporting
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Television Production Self Supporting

Department of Criminology:

  • Diploma in Criminology & Security Studies
  • Faculty of Commerce:
  • DED (Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development) [Evening]
  • DCMA (Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting) [Evening]

Department of Economics:

  • PGD in Applied Economics Self Supporting

Institute of Administrative Sciences:

  • Post-graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

Institute of Business Administration (IBA):

  • PGD Business Administration Self Supporting

Institute of Engineering & Technology:

  • Post-Graduate Diploma Corrosion Technology
  • Post-Graduate Diploma Chemical Technology
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Total Quality Management
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Foundry Technology
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Corrosion Technology

Punjab University Law College:

  • Diploma In International Trade (W.T.O) Law (Evening)
  • Diploma in Taxation Law (Evening)
  • Diploma in Labour Law (Evening)
  • Diploma in Intellectual Property Law (Evening)
  • Diploma in Environmental Law (Evening)
  • Diploma in Banking Laws (Evening)
  • Diploma in Corporate Law & Practice (Evening)

Design Section:

  • Professional Diploma in Graphic Design
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Web Designing
  • Prof. Diploma in Textile Designing
  • Prof. Diploma in Photography
  • Prof. Diploma in Computer Graphics

Fine Arts Section:

  • Professional Diploma in Painting
  • Prof. Diploma in Print-making
  • Prof. Diploma in Sculpture
  • Prof. Diploma in Miniature Painting

This is the complete list of all Diploma/Certificate Courses that are offered by the Punjab University (PU) Lahore so if you want to know anything more about these courses then do write us about your query in the comment section below.

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plz tell me the time duration of instititute of communication studies……..

kindly tell the duration of DED(diploma in entrepreneurship development) and the fees

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