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Unemployment and Pakistani Youth

There is no denying the fact that joblessness has wrecked the nerves of the Pakistani youth who despite being qualified and having degrees are unable to find a job. Almost everyday we see young graduate boys and girls, many of whom with master’s degree, roaming about on roads desperately attempting to get hold of job. But wherever they go and whichever door they knock at, they get one answer that is – No vacancy. This scarcity of employment opportunities is one reason behind the ever increasing crime rate as finding no other way out, the jobless feel forced to break the lockers of safes stuffed with cash and jewellery or snatch away cars and other vehicles at gunpoint. And for obvious reason, there is no limit to crime. Once the helpless and the jobless enter the arena of crime, he is bound to go a step forward everyday. Each day, he commits a new crime bigger than the previous one.

The story does not end here as many of the unemployed try to seek refuge and mental peace in drugs and the drug addiction too has no level of degradation. With the ever increasing population, the government finds it hard to provide jobs to all the youth, educated or otherwise. As the growth rate is much higher as compared to the resource generation rate, it engulfs all the generated resources. To overcome this grim situation which the country is facing, the people just join hands with the government and the sincerest effort must be made at all the levels o kill the menace of unemployment.

UnemploymentA stable government is more important if the country is pushing the specter of unemployment away from its boundaries. The political stability in a country encourages the foreign as well as the local investors to set up new industries or launch new enterprises and venture in the country which in turn open up a lot of opportunities for new jobs. Further, with the stability grinding the country, the government itself feels encouraged to set up new industries where a good number of the jobless can be accommodated. But it seems as if the the stability in the political arena is a far fetched dream. Not only that, the government officials, the bureaucracy and above all the elected representatives, who get elected with the promise of serving the nation and the poor masses, misappropriate a major portion of funds and the foreign aid and loan which Pakistan procures for its development. Consequently no new roads are constructed, no new industries are being set up and no new educational institutions are established. The development work comes to a standstill. How can the youth find the job in such conditions?

The country needs scrupulous and the conscientious leadership which could have a control over all these malpractices. Then the country would be able to stand on its own feet and the youth would not be left unemployed any longer.

The country, as a matter of fact, must not only rely on one foreign aid. Pakistani nation should itself do something to generate maximum resources to solve the problems rather than asking the foreign donor agencies and countries for help. This is against the traditions of the Muslims who ruled the world and that too for a considerably long time. Another fact to which this unemployment can be attributed is that lack of planning. Both the government and the private sector are opening up new educational institution without any planning thus adding to the list of the unemployed.

Jobbery and the nepotism are other maladies that unemployed have to cope with. This is the one reason why the talented and capable genius leaves the county as soon as he or she gets an offer from abroad. Consequently, the country is deprived of the services and the intellect of the intelligent. A young man, unable to find a job, develops psychological disorders and the country loses a pearl in the depths of a bottomless ocean.

The responsible quarters must open up their eyes to the gravity of the situation and must realize that the future of their childhood will not be different from those suffering today on account of joblessness.

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