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The Practical Approach and Importance of Group Projects

Students studying in private institutes have more exposure to this form of classroom teaching and interaction. Usually programs and courses at government level do not offer this facility to students at a large platform, despite its importance. Group projects are an essential part of a student’s learning and development because it teaches two very important things. One, how to work with other people to achieve the target at hand and secondly it provides a chance for the student to grow his interpersonal skills and lastly it induces the student to learn and think outside the box.

Interacting with Others

The major advantage of working in group projects is that students get to interact with other students. Sometimes teachers make the groups themselves so that students can work with people other than their own friends. The point of this is that students should be able to deal with and work with anybody under different conditions. This teaches team work, leadership skills and most importantly patience with other people. These are very important elements of successfully working in an office. The idea is to put aside differences and issues and work to achieve the goal at hand.

Interpersonal Skills

Another huge advantage for each student with group projects and presentations is that they get to understand their own potential. How to dress up for the presentation, delivering the actual presentation, boldly answering the Q&A session and most importantly overcoming the stage fright. At a classroom level it is easy to learn to talk to and present something to your teacher rather than doing it for the first time in front of your boss. Teachers will correct the students, guide them and make sure that the skills of the student are perfected to the best of their ability. A boss or a senior official at work doesn’t usually spare such moments to hone the skills of the employees, they want results. That is why such projects and presentations are necessary to groom the students.

Outside the Box Thinking

When students are given projects they are usually related to the subjects but do not involve rote learning or just book reading. Doing research from different sources, sometimes going to different places, talking to different people, being creative and coming up with new and innovative ideas are all part of a project assignment. These are a fun way for the student to learn and find out the potential of their own minds in studies other than exam papers.

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