LMAT Free Coaching Programme

Free LMAT Coaching Classes for prospective participants of Executive MBA starting from 1st Nov, 2010.
LMAT Coaching Programme
The Executive MBA LMAT Coaching Programme has been especially designed to assist the Executive MBA applicants, who have been out of touch with studies for a long period of time. These Coaching Classes are completely free of cost. In these classes, the candidates will be trained on test taking tactics, cover the LMAT syllabus and practice in an LMAT simulated environment. These coaching classes will be applicable for the following LMATs:-
* December 04, 2010 (1st LMAT)
* January 22, 2011 (2nd LMAT)
* March 05, 2011 (3rd LMAT)
* May 14, 2011 (4th LMAT)
Eligibility Criteria
The eligibility criteria for the LMAT coaching classes will be same as the admission application criteria for Executive MBA:
1. A minimum of sixteen years of education resulting in a Masters or Bachelors degree from an HEC recognized University.
2. (Candidates holding only a bachelors degree of less than 04 years duration will be required to produce an HEC equivalence certificate of completion of 16 years of education.) Work experience (At least eight years of full-time experience with five years of experience at a managerial position)
3. Letters of Recommendation
Note: The admission application for the Executive MBA Programme should have been submitted before registering for the Executive MBA LMAT Coaching Classes.
Coaching Programme Schedule
Day Time Venue

Monday 6:00pm – 9:00pm A-6
Wednesday 6:00pm – 9:00pm A-6
Friday 6:00pm – 9:00pm A-6
For further information and for submitting the registration form, please contact:
Sana Mirza SDSB Testing Office Extension: 8309 Email: sana.mirza@lums.edu.pk


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