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All Punjab institute closed till 25 Sep due to Dengue Fever

All Punjab institute closed till 25 Sep due to Dengue Fever

The Punjab government on 13th September 2011 announced that all public and private schools and universities in Lahore will be closed for 10 days in order to counter the threat of dengue fever. The treat of dengue fever is rapidly increasingly in Lahore and almost 4000 people are affected by this fever. dengue fever

The Punjab government has announced that all the schools and colleges will re-open on 26 September 2011. Moreover, associations of private schools have announced that they will organise anti-spray for dengue in their institutes and keep them opened. On the other hand, many parents have strongly criticised the abrupt decision of Punjab government of closing schools. Mostly parents said that it was strange then Punjab government took such senseless and abrupt decision and closed all the schools without considering the main fact that dengue attached either early in the morning or in the evening. Parents suggested that government could open or closed the schools and colleges during the duration of 8:00 am to 2:00 pm because in this time period there would have no threat or fever of dengue. Furthermore, parents also stated that precious school days have been wasted every name in the name of various floods and dengue. They also stated that what would be the guarantee that the dengue fever would be encountered and controlled during these holidays.

According to parents that it would be a strange and abrupt decision. On the other hand, education minister mujtaba shujaur rehman said that all schools and colleges would re-open on 26 September 2011 and it will be an administrative action against the management of private schools who would try to open their schools before that.

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