Pakistan Maths Challenge 2012

Pakistan maths challenge 2012 is online competition between students of mathematics. Students can be register for this competition as an individuals as well as by a school in both the cases student will given a user name and a password to login into their own id in this competition. This event is available for 24/7 so access into this maths competition and improve your learning skills with a better way.

This Challenge details are as follow the registration are open from 8th October 2012 and now it is time for the Warm Up competition which is starts from 15th October. First main competition challenge day will be on 30th October 2012 and goes till 31st October 2012 and than the result and the winner of this competition will be announced on 12th November 2012.

Pakistan Maths Challenge 2012

Pakistan Maths Challenge 2012

During a final test on 30 and 31 October skills of students can be determined  through a live 100 mathematical challenges and an online monitoring system will monitor your score according to the student, school, classes and age etc. This competition is a great chance for those who love solving mathematical problems as through this Maths competition they can show the  world their skill in maths so what are you waiting for get yourself registered in this maths competitions 2012 within no time by just clicking here.


The registration process is so simple by clicking above link you are asked some simple questions like your name, age, class, e-mail address etc and than a mail send back to your e-mail which has a user name and a password so than came back to the official site and click on Login and there that username and password would be enter that will take you into the competition directly. This is a perfect way to increase your mathematical skills while sitting at home in front of your laptop.

Here is some more details of  Pakistan Maths Challenge 2012 in PDF format click and download the file for more queries and answer.

Pakistan Maths Challenge 2012 Instruction

This Competition is stars on fact that mostly student think that the Mathematics subject is very dry and boring so they lose their interest in that subject that is why this competition is started to develop the interest of students in mathematics in a better and innovative way. In this competition student solve the problems in a game by which it is easy to lean more and to motivated himself that you can do it. So that is why mostly students keep practicing to solve the problems online here in this contest and learn a lot which they never  can in a class room.


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