Prime Minister Youth Loan Scheme starts for PU Lahore Students

Prime Minister’s youth Loan Scheme For Small Business starts for the students of the Punjab University PU Lahore Pakistan. So the students who are currently a students of this University can take this small business loan and become a entrepreneur by establishing their own business. There is no criteria that which student can apply and which cannot so just the think is student of Punjab University. every single student is invited if he or she wants to take the Youth Loan. If you want to get the small business loan then what you just have to do is submit a proposed business plan or the idea which is in your mind to your department head in the next 24 hours so students you just have one day to submit it. Other than that one other rules for the student is that a business plan submitted by you its basic money of about 10% should be in your hand as you have to show that the basic 10% money of your business plan will invested by you.

Prime Minister Small Business Loans for PU Students

Prime Minister Youth Loan Scheme starts for PU Lahore Students

The top 50 Students who submit the best business plan which is become applicable will be selected and these 50 students will be invited in the Prime Minister House Islamabad on 25th November, 2013 so students hurry up if you have a plan then you are running out of time this is the best chance to get the investment to start your business as plan like this will never comes in life again and again. Each student is able to get the loan from Rs. 0.5 millions to Rs. 2 Millions on just markup of 8%. All the money to the students will be distributed by the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and also First Women Bank (FWB)

Total loan for the PM Small Business Scheme is about 1 lac so the initial step is taken by these 50 students. The eligibility criteria for the loan scheme is very simple as the student must be in age between 21 to 40 years old and must be a student of the Punjab University that is enough to apply for the loan. You just have to submit your business plan and selection committee will review you plan and under 15 days you will get a feedback and the candidates who are eligible according to the merit basis will be able to get the loan.

Students this time is not for wasting as you are going to be get all the finance which may help you in establishing your own business so that you become you own boss and also an entrepreneur of the country. Thinking of getting benefits of the Prime Minister Youth Loan Scheme then the wait is just over as it is started for the Punjab University PU Students.


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