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Q Mobile Pakistan History, Head Office, Website

Q Mobile Pakistan the second largest cell phone selling brand of Pakistan History, Head Office, Website detail and all other information which you wanted to know about the Q Mobile. This is the first Pakistani Mobile Karachi based company which was established by the Mian pervez Akhtar. Mian Pervez Akhtar is also an importer, assembler as well as distributor of the LG products in all over the Pakistan the owner of Allied electronics Industries. Q mobile were introduced in the market about 5 years ago and the revenue of the company taking boost every year and go far away from the last year revenue and the system repeat every year. In the starting days of the Q Mobile targeted market of the company were low ended user who only want to buy cheap cell phone with perfect battery timing and nice looking shape. The one fact behind the Q Mobile Pakistan is that it does not manufacture their cell phones in Pakistan as they do not have manufacturing unit like other mobile phone companies in Pakistan including Samsung, Nokia etc. instead of manufacturing its cell phone Q mobile imports it all cell phone from the company in China but sell them under the brand name of Q Mobile.

Q Mobile Pakistan History, Head Office, Website

Q Mobile History in Pakistan

History of Q Mobile in Pakistan is not so long as its been about 5 years of its working but the company due to its marketing plan and trust of customer reaches to the second biggest cell phone company in Pakistan. From the cheap cell phone now company reaches to the QWERTY Input including touch screen and many other features like android system and WiFi. Today the largest selling of Q mobile phones are smartphone android system. Company reaches at this stage after building a strong market worth by providing customer what they want in low and affordable prices. As the same features cell phone of Samsung you will got in 60,000 but Q mobile offer you same set in just 18,00. This is a huge difference in between these two amounts.

With every new model launching in the Pakistani market Q mobile use a heavy marketing campaign that also helps them to build more trust and especially on branding of the product. In every advertisement campaign Q Mobile use perfect combination of words and visuals that clearly define its market of purchase in the ads of the Q Mobile they use worthy people of Pakistan like you see Atif Aslam, Abrar Ul Haq, Iman Ali, Fawwad Khan, Shaan Shahid. That all factor play a very important role in making a company’s worth in its customers mind.

Still the CEO of the company is looking forward to make their position more strong in Pakistan as these days their smartphone complaints are increases so the company is trying to provide a better after service sale environment to the customers and also making sure that these complaints will not be a part in the future introduced cell phone.

Q Mobile Pakistan Head Office:

Suite# 302-303, 3rd Floor,
The Forum, Block-9,
Clifton, Karachi – Pakistan
Tel: +9221-35306851-54
Fax: +9221-35306856

Q Mobile Pakistan Website:


  1. sir g mera q mobile model A290 jo k 1 month sy repair k lea bejha hoa h or wo abi tk mujhy wasoool ni hoa kia abi tk repair ni hoa

  2. asllam u alikum
    dear q mobile
    mea nea 27 feb ko mobile repair kea liye behjaa laki woo ab tak bana ni

  3. i want to see the stratagic management of Q mobile and also vision and mission and planning.
    how much risk get under the process and which risk was applied?

  4. Dear Akhtar,
    Do you have any statistics about Q-Mobile sales for the last year?? I am writing a short report for university submission about the competitive advantage of Q-Mobile. If there are any links to the statistics please let me know..

    Best Regards,
    Haroon Khan

    1. Author

      No dear there is no link but that is official record come to me by an interview of quality manager at Q Mobiles Pakistan here are some facts

      for the year ended June 30, 2012, its revenues stood at Rs761 million

      1. if you have any job which match my education, kindly inform me, i have done, and i have experience as a office assistant.


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