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Sindh Public Service Commission in a Shambles

Sindh Public Service Commission in a Shambles

Karachi: SPSC is completely oblivious of CCE 2008 interview result announcement, which were held in June 2010 till Aug 2010. The fate of the candidates is hanging in balance. Whenever a call is made to the SPSC office, a constant reply of ‘not known’ is received. The passed candidates as well as failed candidates in written exam are all in the state of confusion for SPSC has amended the ‘Scrutiny’ procedure; after the announcement of interview result, the failed candidates will be eligible for applying scrutiny of their copies. However, previously the failed candidates had their copies scrutinized before commencement of written exam result. Nowadays the national media is exposing corruption, embezzlement and criminal negligence stories in government echelons.

Therefore, it is speculated that perhaps behind this ‘deafening silence’ is nepotism, favoritism and palm greasing. This corruption rumor is in full swing among candidates and swindlers have made their way to rob innocent candidates of their hard earned money. Furthermore, there should be an objective and calculated method of conducting interviews. In the 21st century, it is a pity that we are practicing stone-age strategies. The concerned authorities should also note that if any candidate is declared unsuccessful in the interview then there should be valid reasons behind it for interview questions are quite vague and subjective. The interviewing board must also justify their actions on which the future of a candidate depends.

I appeal to the president and higher authorities to look into the matter and save the future of capable and successful candidates as they have burned midnight oil to take this exam. Pleas don’t let their hard work go waste. –Hisham Mazhar (The nation)

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