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PTCL Broadband Packages 2018

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited PTCL is semi Government Company which provides telephone and internet service to Pakistan. This company is providing fixed-line network, broadband internet, and Internet protocol Television through its 2000 telephone exchanges in all across Pakistan. PTCL is offering different PTCL internet packages to its customers. As it is the best broadband company in Pakistan that is why PTCL broadband packages rates in Pakistan are also very reasonable as compare to their services. PTCL Broadband Packages 2018 has updated by this telecommunication company so that they can provide the best internet packages in reasonable rates so that their valued customers can enjoy seamless browsing, fastest streaming and unlimited downloading. PTCL is providing free modem to its customers along with high-speed data downloads. It allows its customers to enjoy access to HD web resources and convenient ordering on web and phone. Below you can choose best PTCL Broadband Packages 2018 in Pakistan.

PTCL Broadband Packages 2018 Rates In Pakistan

PTCL Broadband Packages 2018 Rates In Pakistan

PTCL 2 MBPS Starter Broadband Internet Package:

  • Volume 20GB
  • Internet Charges/month is RS 825
  • Over the limit download per GB charges are RS 100/ GB

PTCL 4 MBPS Starter Broadband Internet package:

  • 40 GB Volume
  • RS 999 will be charged as the package price
  • Over limit downloading will results in 100/ GB

PTCL 1 MBPS Broadband Package:

  • Unlimited Internet
  • Package price is RS 1399

PTCL 2 MBPS Broadband Package:

  • Unlimited Internet
  • PTCL 2 MB Broadband internet package price is RS 1599

PTCL 4 MBPS Broadband Package:

  • Unlimited internet
  • Package price is RS 1825

PTCL Broadband Voice Charges:

Package 2 MBPS Starter 4 MBPS Starter 1 MBPS 2 MBPS 4 MBPS
Freedom Unlimited RS 250 RS 250 RS 250 RS 250 RS 250
U Freedom RS 400 RS 400 RS 400 RS 400 RS 400
Freedom Plus RS 649 RS 649 RS 649 RS 649 RS 649

PTCL Broadband Addons:

Package 2 MBPS Starter 4 MBPS Starter 1 MBPS 2 MBPS 4 MBPS
Smart TV Rs 499 RS 499 RS 499 RS 499 RS 499
Smart TV App 99 Free 99 99 Free
Smart Link App Free Free Free Free Free

PTCL Broadband Internet Term and Taxes:

There will be different taxes which will be charged from you during your usage PTCM broadband services in Pakistan like landline charges, DSL, Internet, EVO, Date charges, Shart TV charges and CPE charges. Tax will not charges on a specific limit but if you will exceed that limit, you will be charged by the officials.  PTCL Broadband Packages 2018 Rates In Pakistan can be check from this page.



  1. Poor service by PTCL Disconnecting problem every day and u call to their help line 1218 than u will get unsatisfied answers i am complaning from 3 weeks still facing same issues and they dont care and not contacting with me bad service

  2. at that time PTCL is non popular act about limit of downloading. all the customer not appricate this intital act, specially student. because young statudent use internet for study and entertainment like download movies. for that purpose they use torrent and other related software. the great quality movies spcae capacity is 3 to 4 Gb. thefore the uses consumption increase almost 150 to 200 GB.

    That is not appricating act by PTCL and many of students dismissed his product and try to find another alternative internet service.

    At that time worldcall is greate compitator of PTCL about packages, but worldcall services are available only big cities, like islamabad lahore and karachi.

    This download limit policy is unetiacl because they advertise people for unlimited package and when the user increase in his network then they are applying a ristrictions.

    One the behave all multan city student, i condem this act. and request to all the students, please bicote his services and find other servies even it can be littly costly.



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