Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrate across the world on 14th of February, Valentine’s Day it’s the day when two intimate cohort expressed their love and warmth for each other while by presenting flowers, share feelings for each other by greeting cards and touch the soul of the person by offering some delicious chocolates. Valentine’s Day It’s the day which is still a point of ponder for the historian to mapped out to masses for its exact origin. Until now there are many speculations about its existence and the history is full of controversies surrounding this annual commemoration day.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day celebrations are held in the commemoration of both Roman and Christian tradition. From history archive the day mapped to horizon from roman festival of Lupercalis celebrated on 15 February but in 496 A.D Pope Gelasius transformed this roman festival to Christian Remembrance Day celebrated one day earlier then roman designated date in the loving memory of St. Valentines, who was martyred on 14th of February.

The twist in the tale pop out by history archive is that on the same day 14th of February at least three Christian saints were martyred, one of them was a bishop in Terni; other two were bishops in Rome and Africa. Many believes that they day is celebrate to honor the services of Bishop St. Valentine in Rome, the event started by strict marriage policies implemented by Claudius II, the Roman empire was on the verge of the breakdown when Claudius II took over as their supreme leader, before tighten up the state defense measures, as more and more soldiers are required to guard the state and protect it from intruders across the neighbors, Claudius II felt that young men and lads in the army are inclined to their family once they are married, so Claudius II declared no young lad in the empire will married to any women during his position as a soldier of the state.

This harsh practice was alarming state for the Romans but no one has courage to rise against the emperor but this merciless exercise forces St. Valentine to speak for the betterment of society and pulled out this cruel act from the state by organizing secret marriages of these soldiers in his temple, this secret act of St. Valentine made him a public figure and raises question over Claudius II authority, which captivate St. Valentine for the rest of his life and martyred him on the 14th of February.

Valentine day is celebrated across the globe, people from different walk of life, believing in different faiths, belonging to different races honor St Valentine sacrifice by articulate their love for their spouse and intimate companions, In US and western countries the day is celebrated as a national holiday. Greeting cards and flowers is the most shared gift between the lovers on this day and sources figure out that it’s the second most greeting card selling festival after Christmas and 60% of the gifts of Valentine’s Day are purchased by women.

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