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Pakistan Literacy Rate

Pakistan Literacy Rate latest figure is 58 percent as collective approach of male and female. The separate figure of Literacy Rate In Pakistan is 70 percent for the males and 48 percent of females. Pakistan social and living standards measurement carried out every year but this year it cannot be conducted due to population and housing census.Therefore, Pakistan Literacy Rate is still 58 percent just like 2016 previous year. Every year, Pakistan economic survey reevaluates the figure of literacy rate in pakistan. Some of the Facts and Statistics about the literacy rate in Pakistan province wise is discussed here.

As far as education is concerned Pakistan is one of those nations which are left out in this area and are behind the majority of the countries of this world. Pakistan has one of the worst literacy rates in the world which is one of the very core reasons for the slow growth and destructive economy.

The survey published 2017-18 showing the Pakistan Literacy Rate at the static point. The primary level enrollment stayed at 54 percent in Pakistan. Specifically in Punjab the same primary level enrollment figure is 54 percent. In khyber Pakhtunkhwa the figure of literacy rate is 53 means the 48 percent in Sindh and balochistan with 33 percent. These figures are according to the 2016 economic survey figures. The public expenditure on education has direct impact on literacy rate in pakistan. The evidence came from 2.2 percent of GDP in 2017. 2.2 percent figure is less than the figure of 2.3 percent in 2016. The more the public expenditure on education the rise will be in literacy rate in pakistan.

Overall 87 percent is gross enrollment rate of pakistan  while in punjab it has leading figure which is 93 percent. The second province in same race is Khyber pakhtunkhwa with 88 percent rate. Sindh province has 10 percent lower figure of gross enrollment rate while comparing with KPK. Balochistan achieved 60 percent as the gross enrollment rate of pakistan. Males gross enrollment rate is 93 percent as compare to females with 78 percent. Still the need of more females intake is required to boast the pakistan literacy rate figure.

For the financial year of 2017, the education-related expenditure increased by 5.4 percent. The figure after calculation is Rs.699.2 billion in financial year 2017 as compared to the figure of Rs. 663.4 billion for financial year 2016. It is federal figure but the contribution of provinces for annual development plans on education cannot ignore.  In financial year of 2016-17, about 5.1 thousand higher secondary schools or inter colleges comprises of 120.3 thousands teachers remain on the board. Higher secondary enrollment decreasing from last two years. It was 1594 thousands in 2016-17 decrease from 1698 thousands in 2015-16. The ideal figure for the higher secondary enrollment is more than 1700 thousands which is expected to achieve in the end of this year.

Following are key performance indicators KPI’s for education condition in pakistan and Pakistan Literacy Rate

  • Enrollment rates
  • Number of institutes in pakistan
  • Numbers of teachers in pakistan

Total numbers of enrollment rates is 48.062 million in 2016-17. It is increased figure of 2015-16 with 46.223. The ideal figure in the end of this financial year is more than 50 million.

Literacy Rate in Pakistan Enrollments


260.8 thousands institutes in 2016 and 252.8 thousands in 2015 is showing the increasing trend of institutes. The rise in population demands about 270 thousands institutes by the end of this year.

Literacy Rate in Pakistan Institutes


1.726 million teachers in 2016 ad compare to 1.630 million in 2016. It has 5.9 percent increasing trend. The need of 1.808 million by the end of this year is the demand of population in pakistan.

literacy rate of pakistan Teachers


The above given suggestions for KPIs for Pakistan literacy rate shall increase it with desired figure. Education is the vital component for the success and development of any nation which is taken for granted and ignored in Pakistan which has resulted in the lowest literacy rates in the world. Unfortunately Pakistan is ranked at 113th position in the total 120 countries in literacy rate which is one big shame for the nation as well as for the administration of the country. It is not just a shame but a very alarming situation for the country because until Or unless the literacy rate will not be improved and consideration will not be taken for the improvement of education, the future of the country will be doomed in more problems and national issues.

Literacy Rate In Pakistan

In the consensus made in the late 2012 it was being reported that the literacy rate of Pakistan is 56% which includes both males and females and even the places which includes all the rural and urban areas of the country. 56% to be the literacy rate is very low because still it is almost half of the nation which is still illiterate and has nothing to do with the economy as they are contributing nothing in it because the major contribution done is through the education.

Debate About Trends of Literacy Rate In Pakistan

This is the average literacy rate of Pakistan because there is exceptional cases where the rate is very high in few cities like the urban hubs which includes Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi where the literacy rate is almost 75% and even above but when we move to the tribal areas where acquiring the modern education is considered to be un-Islamic by few religious extremist which have destroyed the level of education in such cities. Here the literacy rate is as low as 9% and even lower than this because females here are not allowed to go to the schools and the parents prefer their boys to work rather than going to school and having the education.

Literacy Rate in Pakistan Enrollments Institutes Teachers


Education is a fey crucial aspect and is one of the factors which contributes the most in the development of the national economy and plays the vital role in the growth of the state. So it is the responsibility of the administration as well as the people of Pakistan to make sure that their children are having the education so that they can improve the literacy rate and ultimately the country’s situation and status will improve.

Pakistan Literacy Rate 2018

Factors Affecting Literacy Rate in Pakistan:

  • Allocations For Education
  • Public Expenditure on Primary Education
  • Gender Issues
  • Fertility Rate
  • Participation Rate
  • Infra-Structure for Literacy, Non-Formal and Basic Education

Literacy Rate in Pakistan Province Wise:

Literacy Rate in Pakistan Province Wise


Education  plays a pivotal role for creation of skills and  human  capital. It lead higher economic growth in pakistan. Education is recognized as a fundamental right of people. Pakistan has achieved Universal Primary Enrollment consider as go a long way forward  to  improve  overall  education  and  literacy level.

Pakistan Literacy Rate Province Wise

The  government  of Pakistan committed to improving both the quality education. The coverage of education through effective policy interventions. It deals with expenditure  allocations. International commitments require political will to achieve EFA goals and MDGs.


  1. No excuse is valid. No excuse after 69 years. The subsequent Pakistani governments should have made education up to 16 years compulsory like the constitution says. They are selfish and corrupt. And people don’t care about demanding their basic rights. Wake up Pakistan and demand your rights from people you vote for.

  2. i think pakistan spend its budget unfairly on education therefor we are so back in education even from our neibhor countires like: india

  3. pakistan can surely gain the 100%by the new generation which day by day is world records in every field.

  4. The literacy rate in Pakistan is 55% according to the government analysis, but current situation is tells us different, 75% population is living under the poverty line. How is that possible 55% population is educated?

    1. poor analysis also take some education rate… check state bank data…… regards zain waraich ( masters in economics with finance) thanks

  5. if the so called democratic government leave its lavish ways of living cut budget from president and prime-ministers houses and stop distributing money of tax payers in the name of B-nazir income support we can achieve all targets including literacy.It is best understood by saying they achieve what they want to why not be democratic and say what people want.

  6. mai ap ko aik bat batana chati ho k paper to honay hai agar ap paper nahi daina chate to ap na dain………..lolx

  7. please more motivation needed for to enhance people to get education to increase aur litracy rate either by the electronic aur print media

  8. The Literacy rate; youth male (% of males ages 15-24) in Pakistan was reported at 79.42 in 2008, according to the World Bank. Youth literacy rate is the percentage of people ages 15-24 who can, with understanding, read and write a short, simple statement on their everyday life.Pakistan’s economy has suffered in the past from decades of internal political disputes, a fast growing population, mixed levels of foreign investment, and a costly, ongoing confrontation with neighboring India. However, IMF-approved government policies, bolstered by foreign investment and renewed access to global markets, have generated solid macroeconomic recovery during the last decade. In Pakistan more than five thousand schools have been destroyed by militants in around five years who consider themselves as Muslims as well. This testifies that our education has been destroyed by non others than our own Muslim brothers.Unfortunately, in Pakistan, not only a very low percentage of resources is spent on education at the primary level but the sector is also beset by certain other problems. We would advise the provincial governments to use all their energies and devote more resources to ensure that the maximum number of children, especially in the rural areas, are enrolled in government schools, which should also be supervised and monitored properly, failing which the country is destined to face a bleak future. It is very painful to see the dismal conditions in Pakistan, when other countries facing similar environments have made rapid progress in this area over the years and improved their lot.

  9. INSHA-ALLAH Our literacy will increase. But our generation have to work hard. we have to courage our youngsters. we have to finish corruption in our institutes. As for as jobs are consurned, our goverment should improve and safe industry…..

  10. We should bring change in our Education system. The education which we learnt in schools is fake. When you searched the topics of text books there are many false things applied to our education system. I wish I can do something for this country.

  11. be sincere with your country and do not support the corrupt people in any field
    of life , this is better for your next life and it up your personality

  12. Pakistan have great educational system in cities leatrcy rate is very good in Pakistan but in treble areas and interiors of country it is more effected due to feudalism.

  13. The current literacy rate of our country is almost 49.9%. We want to improve our educational system than we rise literacy rate. Another main problem is i think corruption. If we gave just 2 percent budget to education than how we improve our literacy rate. In pakistan universities are too expensive how people afford it. Please Please eliminate corruption its my humble request…

  14. VOICE of PPP..!!!
    Actually the problem is educated people in Pakistan are in surplus. Pakistan may not need more educated people. First we should create jobs for unemployeds then there would be need for universities. so let them take rest and donot make even satisfactory allocations for them.

  15. actually Pakistan having a lot of crises such like a power sector or like a terrisom…………..
    these issues directly impose on a literacy rate of a country……….
    so i wud like to say we shud both guys will be like as a one united nation then inshallah our education sector will re again in progress………


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