PM Loan Scheme 2018 Procedure, Criteria, Application Form

PM small Business Loan Scheme For youth 2018 complete PM Loan Scheme 2018 procedure along with the Criteria, Application Form and Guarantor Information is discussed here in detail as Prime Minister of Pakistan has made inauguration for the Pakistan Youth Loan Scheme, in which loans are being granted to the desired youngsters of Pakistan so that they can invest it any productive business in Pakistan, and can contribute in the growth and stabilization of the economy of the state. Mariyam Nawaz is the caretaker and administrator in this mega project.

A budget of 1 billion is being reserved for the PM Loan scheme and the individuals can apply for the loan ranging from 100,000 PKR to 2000,000 PKR. The procedure of the loans scheme is being made very simple and easy to access so that the youngster of Pakistan did not face any difficulty while applying for the PM Business loan Scheme. The PM loan scheme is being valid all over Pakistan including all the provinces; Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, NWFP, FATA, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir.

PM Loan Scheme 2018 Procedure, Criteria, Application Form

PM Loan Scheme 2018 Procedure

  • The very first step is that the Application form which is available on the official website of clean pakistan, National Bank of Pakistan as well as in their respective branches. This form is free of cost and must be duly filled.
  • Once the form is being filled the individual should have a proper feasibility report which he/she wants to implement with the help of the loan. More than 50 feasibility are being kept at the clean business websites for the assistance and help of the people.
  • When the form is filled and feasibility is being done, then it is being submitted in the designated branches of National Bank of Pakistan and First Women Bank, with the processing fee of 100 PKR.
  • The loan which is being given to it shall be returned in 8 years time, and first 1 year is called the grace period in which no installment is to be paid, as installments will start form the 2nd year of loan grant.
  • The 8% pay back rate will be given by the individual, while the remaining pay back rate and the KIBOR will be paid by the government.
  • Once the documentation is being done then the officials of the bank will analyze each and every application and will reject and accept it on the real and unbiased basis.

PM Loan Scheme 2018 Criteria:

Criteria for applying for the loan are very much simple and general.

  • The individual should have a valid CNIC of Pakistan.
  • Age of the Individual must be from 21 years to 45 Years old
  • Should have one Guarantor.
  • Should have a proper and realistic feasibility report of the desired business.

PM Loan Scheme 2018 Application Form:

Candidates can get the application form from the National Bank of Pakistan or the First Women Bank Limited any branch..

Last Date 15th April, 2018

PM Loan Scheme 2018 Procedure, Criteria, Application Form

Guarantor Information & Requirement:

The person who acts as a Guarantor for the person who applying for the PM Business Loan Scheme must be laid down according to the following requirements

  • Quarator must be a government servant of BPS 15 or above
  • If guarantor is not a government servant then that person must have net worth of 1.5 times above the loan total amount applied for
  • That person should not be bank corrupted or applied for any loan from government
  • No father, mother, sister, brother or any blood relatives is accepted as guarantor

90% of the total investment according to the feasibility report is from the government side and remaining 10% investment will be from the person’s itself.


  1. ye bhi to PM youth loan scemki trhan hogi chand logon ko milain gy pher scm band ho jay gy .mainen phly bhi apply kia tha but in vain
    kia ye b sirf sabaz khab hain

  2. scheeme is bakwaas and its not for real poor persons because they could not complete bank requirements just like guaranter and so so AND ITS SOOD WHICH IS HARAAM

  3. who will be the guarantor of poors this requirement should have an alternate like disposition of assets or other registered thing that has a worth in lacs.

  4. As a guarantor can i give the guaranty of photostate copy of my agriculture land documents?that are worth1.5 times than applicant’s applied loan for.

    1. Author

      No gaurantor have to show the bank statement which is 1.5 times of the applied loan mean if a candidates apply for 5 lac then guarantor show bank statement of 7.5 Lac..


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