Biotechnology MCQs With Answers

Biology chapter 23 Biotechnology MCQs With Answers Pdf is available online. The major content of this chapter comprises upon DNA technology, gene therapy, tissue culture and cloning. By solving these Biotechnology MCQs, students will become able to describe DNA technology and its application like insulin production, steps, and the principle of polymerase chain reaction or PCR. These Biotechnology questions and answer also help you to understand DNA analysis, explain gene therapy, genetic diseases, and their treatment. It will also help you to understand details about transgenic organisms, tissue culture, cloning and their applications in daily life. You will ask these types of multiple choice questions about biotechnology. This is the way to prepare your biotechnology portion of your biology book for the UHS Lahore MDCAT entry test. Many questions will be asked from the Biotechnology portion because total questions from biology portion are 88 Mcqs. Questions related to the Immunodeficiency syndrome, hypercholesterolemia, and their treatment will also be available on this page. Must test your Medical and dental college admission test preparation at home before appearing in the UHS MDCAT test. These Biotechnology MCQs are according to the UHS MDCAT syllabus of the current year.

Biotechnology MCQs With Answers FSC  Part 2 Biology Chapter 9

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