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UET Lahore Expected Merit 2022 For Engineering

Here you are going to get the UET Lahore Expected Merit 2022 For Engineering. It has been a history that if you want to clear this UET Lahore entry test for engineering study programs then you have to burn the midnight oil in order to make yourself admitted to this university. It is also this fact all those students who have done FSc pre-engineering, have this wish to be the part of UET but it is another sad fact, that not all the FSC pre-engineering students can be the part of UET Lahore because they have limited seats. So, there is high competition among the students for getting admission If all the FSC pre-engineering students want to get this idea of what can be the merit this time then we can let you know about it. Check out the UET Lahore Merit List 2022 For Engineering details from this post:

UET Lahore Expected Merit 2022 For Engineering

For the information, the UET Lahore merit system for the engineering bachelor is wholly based on marks in FSc/Matric and its entrance test. The weightage of Matric marks is 25%, FSC marks weightage is 45%, and ECAT weightage is 30%. So, if we talk about different programs, then last year mechanical engineering had the highest aggregate. It means that the toughest one was Mechanical Engineering. So, after the UET Lahore Entry Test Result 2022, the next step is to check the UET Lahore Merit 2022.

If we talk about merit this year, then it will almost similar to the last year’s merit. Every year, there is only a change of a few points in the total aggregate. So, check out UET Lahore Merit List 2021 below that will give you an idea about this year’s merit list.

Discipline Campus Category Minimum Aggregate
Architectural Engineering LHR A1 77.8045454545454
Architectural Engineering LHR I 70.715
Architectural Engineering LHR A2 67.9909090909091
Architectural Engineering LHR S 55.1340909090909
Architectural Engineering LHR NM 52.5272727272727
Architecture LHR A1 77.2340909090909
Architecture LHR I 70.24
Architecture LHR N 68.6022727272727
Architecture LHR A2 67.3204545454545
Architecture LHR S 52.2681818181818
Automotive Engineering LHR A1 74.2454545454546
Automotive Engineering LHR I 72.2700704225352
Automotive Engineering LHR A2 63.3681818181818
Bachelor of Business Administration LHR A1 72
Bachelor of Business Administration LHR NM 62.0909090909091
Bachelor of Business Information Technology LHR A1 78.9090909090909
Bachelor of Business Information Technology LHR NM 68.0833333333333
Biomedical Engineering KSK A1-M 83.1454545454546
Biomedical Engineering KSK A2-M 78.8522727272727
Biomedical Engineering NWL A1-M 76.3568181818182
Biomedical Engineering KSK A1 71.4272727272727
Biomedical Engineering KSK I 68.5573943661972
Biomedical Engineering NWL I 68.5172535211268
Biomedical Engineering NWL A1 60.4090909090909
Biomedical Engineering KSK A2 52.7295454545455
Chemical Engineering LHR A1 77.8431818181818
Chemical Engineering LHR I 74.0161764705882
Chemical Engineering FSD I 70.8676470588235
Chemical Engineering KSK I 70.6572463768116
Chemical Engineering KSK A1 70.6295454545455
Chemical Engineering LHR A2 67.8022727272727
Chemical Engineering FSD A1 66.2954545454545
Chemical Engineering LHR N 63.7704545454545
Chemical Engineering FSD S 58.6522727272727
Chemical Engineering LHR S 55.6045454545455
Chemical Engineering KSK S 52.7454545454545
Chemical Engineering KSK A2 51.55
Chemical Engineering KSK M2 51.4954545454545
Chemical Engineering FSD A2 50.7204545454545
Chemistry LHR A1-M 72.3818181818182
Chemistry LHR I 69.5876811594203
Chemistry LHR A1 67.5568181818182
Chemistry LHR S 66.6681818181818
Chemistry LHR A2-M 66.1409090909091
Chemistry LHR A2 60.1045454545455
City & Regional Planning LHR A1 74.6833333333333
City & Regional Planning LHR T 72.7272727272727
City & Regional Planning LHR N 69.5181818181818
City & Regional Planning LHR A2 61.2590909090909
Civil Engineering LHR A1 78.8659090909091
Civil Engineering LHR I 72.345
Civil Engineering LHR A2 70.6704545454545
Civil Engineering NWL A1 68.3795454545455
Civil Engineering LHR N 67.8545454545455
Civil Engineering LHR NM 58.0931818181818
Civil Engineering LHR S 50.1431818181818
Civil Engineering NWL S 50.0136363636364
Computer Engineering LHR A1 79.8727272727273
Computer Engineering LHR I 70.60625
Computer Engineering LHR A2 69.5818181818182
Computer Engineering LHR NM 60.0795454545455
Computer Science LHR A1 78.575
Computer Science KSK A1 74.4045454545455
Computer Science LHR I 70.4510869565217
Computer Science LHR A2 69.6694444444444
Computer Science KSK I 67.8467391304348
Computer Science RCET A1 67.7159090909091
Computer Science NWL I 67.5264492753623
Computer Science NWL A1 67.1840909090909
Computer Science KSK A2 64.8136363636364
Computer Science RCET A2 59.6181818181818
Computer Science LHR NM 52.3795454545455
Electrical Engineering LHR L 81.3454545454545
Electrical Engineering LHR A1 79.1522727272727
Electrical Engineering LHR R 77.7295454545455
Electrical Engineering LHR N 77.45
Electrical Engineering LHR O 73.1477272727273
Electrical Engineering KSK A1 72.9568181818182
Electrical Engineering LHR I 72.7654929577465
Electrical Engineering FSD I 71.3693661971831
Electrical Engineering KSK I 71.3496478873239
Electrical Engineering RCET I 70.718661971831
Electrical Engineering NWL I 70.4630281690141
Electrical Engineering LHR A2 68.1295454545455
Electrical Engineering KSK SI 66.6785211267606
Electrical Engineering KSK A2 64.625
Electrical Engineering FSD A1 64.5386363636364
Electrical Engineering NWL A1 60.1090909090909
Electrical Engineering RCET A1 59.9159090909091
Electrical Engineering RCET S 55.2545454545455
Electrical Engineering RCET A2 52.1704545454545
Electrical Engineering LHR S 51.6613636363636
Electrical Engineering LHR NM 50.6909090909091
Electrical Engineering FSD A2 50.3977272727273
Environmental Engineering LHR A1 71.0568181818182
Environmental Engineering LHR A2 57.575
Environmental Engineering LHR S 56.1840909090909
Environmental Science KSK I 66.9079710144927
Environmental Science FSD I 66.3295454545455
Environmental Science FSD A1-M 58.9227272727273
Environmental Science KSK A1-M 58.7181818181818
Environmental Science KSK A2 55.6431818181818
Environmental Science FSD A2 55.5090909090909
Environmental Science FSD A1 53.625
Environmental Science KSK A1 52.5386363636364
Environmental Science KSK A2-M 51.4568181818182
Environmental Science KSK M2 50.0136363636364
Geological Engineering LHR A1 64.6477272727273
Geological Engineering LHR S 54.8613636363636
Geological Engineering LHR A2 54.7840909090909
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering LHR A1 73.6159090909091
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering LHR I 71.4626811594203
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering RCET I 67.9923913043478
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering LHR A2 61.7022727272727
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering RCET A2 58.8068181818182
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering LHR S 54.3954545454545
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering RCET A1 53.8136363636364
Mathematics LHR A1 68.8181818181818
Mathematics LHR I 66.6475352112676
Mathematics LHR T 62.3886363636364
Mathematics LHR A2 59.9909090909091
Mathematics LHR S 56.9590909090909
Mechanical Engineering LHR L 82.2613636363636
Mechanical Engineering LHR A1 81.1386363636364
Mechanical Engineering KSK A1 74.6772727272727
Mechanical Engineering LHR I 72.7996376811594
Mechanical Engineering KSK I 72.1003623188406
Mechanical Engineering RCET I 70.7991765480896
Mechanical Engineering LHR A2 70.6909090909091
Mechanical Engineering NWL I 70.6760869565217
Mechanical Engineering RCET A1 67.2954545454545
Mechanical Engineering KSK A2 66.65
Mechanical Engineering LHR O 64.6909090909091
Mechanical Engineering NWL A1 64.0363636363636
Mechanical Engineering LHR N 63.7704545454545
Mechanical Engineering RCET A2 62.1977272727273
Mechanical Engineering KSK SI 59.0123188405797
Mechanical Engineering LHR NM 56.3386363636364
Mechanical Engineering RCET S 52.1454545454545
Mechanical Engineering KSK S 51.7590909090909
Mechanical Engineering NWL S 51.6431818181818
Mechanical Engineering LHR S 50.9659090909091
Mechatronics & Control Engineering LHR A1 77.1818181818182
Mechatronics & Control Engineering LHR I 71.5388059701493
Mechatronics & Control Engineering LHR NM 70.6704545454545
Mechatronics & Control Engineering FSD I 69.0207746478873
Mechatronics & Control Engineering LHR A2 69.0159090909091
Mechatronics & Control Engineering FSD SI 64.8910447761194
Mechatronics & Control Engineering LHR S 63.5181818181818
Mechatronics & Control Engineering FSD A1 57.2886363636364
Mechatronics & Control Engineering FSD S 56.8113636363636
Mechatronics & Control Engineering FSD A2 51.1909090909091
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering LHR A1 73.1795454545454
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering LHR I 69.8905797101449
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering LHR A2 60.2590909090909
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering LHR N 54.7
Mining Engineering LHR A1 68.6727272727273
Mining Engineering LHR I 60.08
Mining Engineering LHR A2 57
Mining Engineering LHR N 52.6227272727273
Petroleum & Gas Engineering LHR A1 76.6613636363636
Petroleum & Gas Engineering LHR A2 63.9818181818182
Petroleum & Gas Engineering LHR S 61.1613636363636
Petroleum & Gas Engineering LHR SI 57.6
Physics LHR A1 68.9204545454545
Physics LHR I 67.3655797101449
Physics LHR A2-M 60.475
Physics LHR A2 60.2
Physics LHR A1-M 57.2340909090909
Polymer Engineering LHR NM 75.7681818181818
Polymer Engineering LHR I 69.5876811594203
Polymer Engineering LHR A1 67.5045454545455
Polymer Engineering LHR S 57.7295454545455
Polymer Engineering LHR A2 56.2386363636364
Product & Industrial Design LHR A1 68.9931818181818
Product & Industrial Design LHR I 67.3125
Product & Industrial Design LHR S 56.6772727272727
Product & Industrial Design LHR NM 56.1409090909091
Product & Industrial Design LHR A2 55.5636363636364
Software Engineering KSK A1 77.5431818181818
Software Engineering KSK A2 74.2863636363636
Software Engineering KSK S 66.0227272727273
Software Engineering KSK NM 64.8431818181818
Textile Engineering FSD I 71.6323529411765
Textile Engineering FSD A1 59.6477272727273
Textile Engineering FSD A2 50.3840909090909
Transportation Engineering LHR I 71.4
Transportation Engineering LHR A1 68.4431818181818
Transportation Engineering LHR A2 55.5681818181818
Transportation Engineering LHR S 54.8931818181818

UET Lahore Expected Merit 2022 For Engineering

All the best for this UET Lahore Expected Merit 2022 For Engineering. It is seen that the merit of Mechanical engineering has so far been the highest one. If we talk about the rest of the engineering programs like chemical engineering, software engineering, textile engineering, and mechanical then they too have a high aggregate. Good luck!


Which engineering has the highest merit in UET?

Last year, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical engineering had the highest merit.

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Sir i got 136 marks in ecat and 460 marks in first year fsc pre engineering .kitna chance h uet ma admission hona ka plzz tell me

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