Federal Excise Act 2005 Updated 2024 MCQs with Answers

For those who want to get the Federal Excise Act 2005 Updated 2024 MCQs with Answers are here on the right page. If you have applied for any job in FBR, then you may know about the written test. There are some MCQs added from different topics. Therefore, you must have knowledge about it. Federal Excise Act 2005 is so important in this regard. This act was updated in June 2024 with the inclusion of some laws. This act includes several laws that tell about the imposition of taxes and duties. For different jobs in FBR or Excise & Taxation, a written test is taken. In this test, the Excise Act questions are asked which is a major portion. So, here we are offering the MCQs below. You can solve this quiz to prepare for it.

Federal Excise Act 2005 Updated 2024 MCQs with Answers


Federal Excise Act 2005

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1. Who will be liable to pay duty for a private company that is sold out before paying duty?

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2. According to ____, the duty is imposed on imported goods.

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3. The non-interest-based services are called:

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4. What does section 7 deals with?

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5. Which of the options can be used by a person to avoid paying double tax according to the Excise Act?

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6. The duty would be levied on_____if the services are rendered in Pakistan.

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7. Which of the following means the deduction of the amount of duty paid on goods used in manufacture or production?

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8. Which type of tax are custom duties?

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9. The filing return can be revised with the permission of:

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10. The duty would be levied on_____when a person is importing goods.

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11. ______ will receive the non-refundable excess duty taken from the customer.

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12. When does the KIBOR rate is offered?

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13. Under section 17 of the excise act, ____ is discussed.

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14. The requirement of the Federal Excise act says that a special judge shall be a person who:

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15. Under the _____ section, the short paid amount can be recovered.

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16. Conveyance includes______ according to the excise act.

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17. A person is called_____ when he is unable to pay duty.

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18. What does section 6 of the Federal Excise act deal with?

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19. What are the Non-tariff areas?

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20. What does Section 4 of the Excise act deal with?

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21. An appeal against the order of the special judge in respect of the trial of the offence shall lie to the:

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22. In which section duties specified in the first schedule to be levied are discussed?

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23. Who has the authority to compound an offence if the accused person pays the amount of duty along with such default surcharge and penalty?

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24. Taxes levied on the products produced inside Pakistan are:

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25. What does section 18 of the excise act deal with?

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26. ____ has the authority to transfer cases from one special judge to another.

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27. The Federal Excise Act, 2005 consists of the chapter:

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28. Type of insurance available for goods under the Federal Excise Act are:

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The Excise Act shows laws that define different tax laws. It shows some tax-related laws like taxes on imports, exports, etc. In addition, different legal ways to save from double taxation and saving yourself from illegal ways are defined. You will also know about the laws that define percentages of taxes on different things. Through this, you may have an idea of how important it is now to have details about this act. So, start hard work for the preparation of the Federal Excise Act 2005 Updated 2024 MCQs with Answers here.

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Now, what you can do is to get the MCQs and solve them. This quiz will help you a lot. Solve it and check the answers at the end. After this, go for additional resources. Search for more material because it will help you to prepare well for the test. So, this is all about Federal Excise Act 2005 Updated 2023 MCQs with Answers. Hopefully, you have the complete details here. Stay tuned for more relevant posts here.

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