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Today News About School Opening in Pakistan 2021

Due to Coronavirus all schools, colleges, and universities were closed but now the government of Pakistan and the Education Minister have announced the Today news about school opening in Pakistan 2021. Million of people have died from this virus while thousand of people are under observation but till now no vaccines have prepared by scientists. Because after long research, all scientists have raised the hand and announce that we have failed. After a long time wait now the corona cases have decreased then the government takes a step for the future of the students who free from the previous 6 months. Further, all detail of Today news about school opening in Pakistan 2021 is mention in below the content.

Today News About School opening in Pakistan 2021

Federal Minister said that first, we will open all universities then we will decide and allow the school and colleges. While most of the people are finding that when the education sector will reopen. So, all information about when the willing school reopens in Pakistan in 2021 is going to list below and you can check.

School Open Date After 23rd May 2021

School opening News in Punjab

One more government of Pakistan has closed all institutes of Punjab because the ratio of the Corona cases has increased and the current ratio of the coronavirus is 8.7%. According to some sources, the government will reopen all schools, colleges, and universities on till Eid Ul Fitr. All the district names are mention in the table where the Federal government has imposed the lockdown.

Lahore Sheikhpura
Rawalpindi Sargodha
Faisalabad Multan
Gujranwala Gujrat

School opening News in Sindh

Till now the federal government has close the educational institute two times due to CoronaVirus. So now parents are searching that when school will reopen. According to some rumors, the school will reopen on till Eid Ul Fitr. Further, all those areas where school, colleges,  universities, market and Shopping Malls have closed in mention in the table.

Karachi Hyderabad
Sukkur Ghotki
Larkana Khairpur

School opening News KPK

Currently, all the government and private institutes have closed by the government because the number of Corona cases has increased, and now the current ratio of the corona cases is 8.7%. This is very high. So the government decided that we can not take any risk for the future of the students so all institutes will remain closed till Eid Ul Fitr. KPK Government has closed these cities where COVID cases have increased.

Peshawar SWAT
Muzaffarabad Hayatabad

Today news about school reopening in Pakistan 2021

All classes scheduled are mention and hopefully, all institutes will start the education from those dates that have announced by the Education Minister. On the other hand, With the help of the Health Minister, all SOPs have prepared and all instruction has already sent to all institutes across Pakistan.

News about Boards Exam

Punjab Board After 15 June 2021
Sindh Board After 15 June 2021
KPK Board After 15 June 2021

Latest news about the Board’s Exam because all the boards have announced the exam date and now the Federal government of Pakistan has closed the school, colleges, and Universities. So people are worried about them. Further, the exam start date is mention in the table for all boards.

opening of Universities, Colleges After Lockdown in Pakistan:

According to the Federal Minister in the first phase, we will open the university sector because the number of corona patients is decreasing. Furthermore, during a press conference Education minister told that all institutes ensure AND Follow the SOPs while we have organized the teams who will check the university environment. Secondly, they announce that students will not collaborate on one platform. Now all universities are giving the lecture online as well as all exam all students submit the exam and assignment online. Some University has announced that we will deliver all lecture online.

All SOPs are mention.

  • Facemask
  • 6 Feet Distance
  • No Hand Shake
  • No Collaborate On One Platform
  • Wash hand
  • Carry Paper or Tissue for Mouth

When Coronavirus was release then people think that this is a simple disease but with the passage of time, this virus spread on large scale and within in few days across the world involved in this virus. According to the latest survey report, across the world, 3 crores above people have died while 7 crore people affected by this virus. As well as if we talk about Pakistan, 3 lakh above people were involved in this disease while more than 150 thousand people have died. The most affected province in Sindh because Coronavirus came from Iran and the first case of Coronavirus appeared in Karachi. But now with the help of Allah few cases are under observation in Sindh. So now all institute sector and business are opened and Pakistan has come out from this Novel Disease.

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