Importance and Significance of Higher Education in Pakistan

The purpose of the study was to examine the problems and scenario of higher education. Importance and Significance of Higher Education in Pakistan as it plays the role of guidance in the society. The functions of the university are to build up the people physically, mentally and spiritually. It improves and promotes the financial, social, political and cultural life of the nation. All over the world universities are guiding and cooperating with the industrial and agricultural development organizations and they are raising their economics speedily and significantly. In Pakistan, after more than five decades, the developmental indicators are not showing positive results. So that’s why there are some deficiencies in Pakistani studies.

Importance and Significance of Higher Education in Pakistan

Importance and Significance of Higher Education in Pakistan


How can we Improve Our Education System?

We have need to do extraordinary work to fulfill extraordinary demand, increasing diversification and the essential role plays in the economic and socio-cultural development of nations, higher education needs to tackle a number of challenges. These challenges include financing, equality of access, widening participation, the improvement of support and developmental services, effective use of technology (including distance learning), use of new and more flexible learning formats, ensuring student attainment of new skills and enlarged employability, as well as the need for international co-operation.

If Importance and Significance of Higher Education in Pakistan then our education system will be much better, but for higher education to play its role in the betterment and values related with the culture of peace, it needs to become a cause of change, to respond to social needs and to promote the principles of harmony and justice. One of the important ways to meet the challenges is to become more student-centred in all aspects of its activities, to encourage the development of a public to make it fully able to take its place on the community, national, regional and international stages.

Therefore, any statement on the development of higher education must be familiar with the importance of making allowance for these national identities. At the same time, there are universal values that rise above individual cultures and their political and economic contexts. It is these values that encompass the necessary underpinnings for a solid global education structure that advocates for peace, justice, self-governing practices, human rights, and sustainable economic development for all.

This article is the subjects of the Manual, which is designed to provide access to higher education, enhance student retention and graduation rates, develop global nationality skills, and provide society with new human capital and potential that can help everyone as we move forward towards a true family of nations.

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