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Brief Introduction to Pakistan

The History of PakistanStarting from the Brief Introduction to Pakistan first we will discuss the Brief Introduction to Geology of Pakistan North Western part of South Asia is occupied by Pakistan. The north part of Pakistan is bordered by China; North-West is by Afghanistan, Iran in South-West, in the south there are Arabian Sea and Indian Sea and India is in the East. It is a coincidence that Pakistan is situated at the crossroads of South Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East, it make it a good linking point between Central Asia and South Asia.

The history of the Pakistan dates back far beyond the 20th Century. Pakistan is a crossroad, so that’s why always many people have come and gone, but some of them settled here to carried on their merry way and some go back. At the time of its independence majority can’t come here to join the Pakistan in-spite o f their utmost desire due to some in-considerable reasons.

In this way, there were a great civilization lived in the Indus valley named as the Harappa which are totally Indus Valley civilized people, they built great cities, inspiring even by today’s standards. It is also called as one of the initial known civilizations easily rivaling the Egyptian or Babylonians in both technology and present standard of world. The most well known of their cities are mohenjo daro (sindhi – Mound of the Dead) evidence to the cleverness of the people and displays extraordinary planning of what is supposed to be modern city planning.

harappa and mohenjo daro civilization

The Harappans inexplicably disappeared over 4000 years ago. The next great invaders were the Persians pursued by Alexander and his Macedonian army. Descendants of both people still live in Pakistan now days. These Pakistanis are recognized easily because they have blond hair and blue eyes.

The Brief Introduction to Pakistan and history of Pakistan is long and has considerable importance, so I can’t illustrate complete history here and in order to get more information about it visit periodically…

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