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What Is Human Resource Management And its Functions, Issues In Pakistan

Human Resource Management is getting out to be one of the most important sectors in Pakistan in terms of the employment. It would not be wrong to say that HRM is becoming one of the most popular study courses in Pakistan in almost all the major universities of Pakistan. Human Resource Management as shortly known by the name of HRM is one of the identified branches that is concerned with business and marketing field work. In short we would say that the method hiring and even developing employee to make them much more valuable in the association is known as Human Resource Management. so here down on this page we will discuss about the What Is Human Resource Management And its Functions, Issues In Pakistan

What Is Human Resource Management, Its Introduction:

What Is Human Resource Management And its Functions, Issues In Pakistan

If we do define, Human Resource Management then it is basically known as the method of undergoing with the job analysis all along with the recuirtment of the right people in favor of the jobs. It do includes the tasks that is all related with the orientation plus the training of the individuals. Human Resource Manager should be having the utmost qualities of the leadership with the extensive knowledge about the business and marketing. In simple we can say that he is all engaged in the management of people just as surrounded within the organizations.

Main and Important Functions of Human Resource Management:

  • One of the important function of the Human Resource Management is that it is best with its function of recruitment. It do put them in the involvement of the job postings all along with the source candidates. It do perform the tasks in respect with the screen applicants and also conduct preliminary interviews.
  • Having the safety of the workplace is one of the most important functions of the Human Resource Management. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, all the employers have the equal right that they should be given some sound and safe working environment.
  • Compliance with the side of the labor and employment laws is known out to be one of the most critical HR function. Noncompliance can show the results of the unfair employment practices all along with the coverage access of the unsafe working conditions.

Talk About Main Issues of Human Resource Management in Pakistan:

Human Resource Management in Pakistan is facing with some of the greater and high level of the challenges in private sectors including the banks and companies. They challenges are being captured out just for the reason that there are much changes that is being encountered in the technology, customer preferences and regulatory framework. All such factors do lead the HRM to get into the radical shift. Hence there are many more factors that are bringing out with some greater number of implications for the side of the HR managers, all along with the policy makers and also in the custody of the HR professionals.

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