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FSc Abbreviation In Pakistan

FSc Abbreviation in Pakistan and the stand for FSc in Pakistan is written here in details and here we are trying to finish the confusions among different meanings about FSc. You just need to read this entire article with full attention about this factor so that you can get all the relevant information and instruction about FSc meaning in Pakistan. FSc is a Class equivalent to Intermediate or class after matriculation subjects relating to science subjects. As you all know that the intermediate class is considered as the basic or foundation class about our higher educations in graduations and masters educations. So you are advised to choose those subjects in your FSc level which are suitable with your mind and taste. So if you want to grow your future with Science Subjects then you have to choose the FSc as your intermediate level educations.

FSc Abbreviation In Pakistan

FSc Abbreviation In Pakistan

FSc Meanings or FSc stands for

Candidates if we talk about the abbreviation of Fsc then first we should like to clear one thing that in Pakistan there are many other meanings are also known for Fsc that is Foundation of Science and the First Step in Science, But candidates you are hereby informed that all these meanings are wrong according to the HEC intermediate educational abbreviations and you are informed that the correct meanings of FSc in Pakistan is Faculty of Science. So all other meanings are just wrong and incorrect and you are advised to keep these meanings in your mind. Well beside this you are also informed about FSc i.e. FSc has two main branches concern with FSc that is Fsc pre Medical and FSc pre Engineering. Have a look down to read about FSc Pre-medical and Fsc and FSc pre-engineering.

FSc Pre-Engineering

FSc Pre-Engineering is stands for the Faculty of Engineering Science and this course are consisting of those subjects who are concerned with pre engineering like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. All these subjects having such metrical that is equal to pre engineering studies about a specific field in engineering.

FSc Pre Medical

FSc Pre Medical stands for Faculty of Medical Science and courses in these subjects are similar to subjects in Fsc pre engineering just except of Biology. So FSc Pre-Engineering and FSc pre-Medical there is only the difference of your choice according to your interest and mind as if you want to be an engineering in your future then you should go with FSc pre-Engineering and if you want to be a doctor you should go with the FSc pre Medical.


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