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Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

Before going to Interview you must review Common Job Interview Questions and Answers given here. Before appearing in any interview especially for the fresh graduate who has never faced the interview scenario before, it is very important that he should be well aware of the typical questions asked by the employer and what their best possible solutions are.                                                                                                                                                             Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

Question: 1) Tell me something about yourself?                                                                                                      

 As this is a very open ended question and there is no specific direction so it is very important for the candidate not to get astray from his major concern. The best possible answer to this is that “I have several aims and objectives, and with the same time I am carrying various competitive skills but for the best utilization of our time I want to focus only on my job requirements so that I can show you my compatibility”. This is the highly appreciated answer by the employers too because it shows your focus and intention regarding your job.

Question: 2) Do make me aware from your weaknesses and strengths?

This is the question which is made to sell you. In such questions focus on your strengths more than on your weaknesses. Tailor your answer in such a manner that you should portrait those strengths and skills which suits best to the job requirement. No matter how good a driver you are and have god construction skills but do focus on the skills which suit the best to the requirement of the job. While discussing the weaknesses don’t just say that I have short temper, I have zero tolerance or I am a week spokesperson, but you should feature your answer in such a manner that show the employer how you have improved your weaknesses and how you are trying to get rid of them as this shows your concern regarding your weaknesses.

Question: 3) why should we hire you instead of others?                                                                         

This is a question which have a typical answer, all candidates tend to give the answer that they “I am versatile or I am a hard worker, or eve that I am willing to learn” this is a good answer but is a trend set for this question. Make sure that you say something very special that makes you unique and enable the employer to differentiate you from the other candidates. And make sure that your answers are contributing in the ultimate run for success and achievement of the objective of the organization.

Question: 4) what are your expectations regarding the salary?                                                                           

Very significant questions which can break you are even making you. For a fresh graduate the expectation should not be that much high. For this purpose the best answer should be made after the market survey. Don’t ask for a salary higher than the market because the employer will not pay you and don’t ask below the market rate because this will show that how desperate you are for the job, the perfect answer should be that” I have studied the market and the rate is this. But you please tell me about your budget as we have space for negotiation” this shows that how concerned and resolving nature you have.

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