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Online Jobs In Pakistan For Students Without Investment

The trend of Online Jobs in Pakistan is now getting more and more popular nowadays and there are a few reasons behind this. As the economy of Pakistan is not stable which result in low earning for each person so that is why students also have a wish to participate in the earning so that they could contribute to home expenses or at least they could make their own pocket money. As they do not have the investment to start any business they need some part-time jobs so that after their studies they make some effort and will be able to earn some money. For this purpose, Online jobs are the best source as they are part-time as well as will help you make handsome money for you. Interested to know about these Online Jobs In Pakistan For Students Without Investment here we have a complete list of all the jobs and will also guide you the proper way in which you are able to earn money online in a quick and easy way.

Online Jobs In Pakistan For Students Without Investment

No need to make any investment because there are many platforms where you can just create an account and write some words on your skill. Moreover, we have mentioned the name of some platforms where you can visit and earn money online.

  • Pay to Click
  • Data Entry Jobs
  • Blogging
  • Freelancing Jobs
  • Online Tutor

Now we are going to explain each job in detail.

Online Jobs In Pakistan For Students Without Investment

Pay to Click:

One of the easiest and quickest ways to make money in online Jobs in Pakistan is Pay to Click. As there are many websites that offer this, These websites are of two types some will allow you membership you have to purchase and some will allow you to work for free. Just make your account on the Pay to Click websites and what you need to do is in front of you there are some advertisement comes one after one and you need to view them and click them and that is it your earning start. When you start working on Pay to click website in the starting days you just earn some cents not dollars but within one or two months when you have some referrals and also working regularly on this your earnings will improve. You can easily earn $100 per month and yes it could be increased with your working hours and of course from referral to.

Popular Pay-to-Click Website:

  • Clixsense
  • Neobux
  • BuxP
  • Cash N Hits
  • Donkey Mails
  • Gptplanet

Data Entry Jobs:

In Online Jobs In Pakistan For Students Without Investment Data Entry Jobs are considered to be the best. There are many scams on Pay-per-click websites so that is why people do not take it as seriously as it is but Data Entry Jobs are not involved in such kind. Some of the students think that when we talk about Data Entry Jobs it is just Captcha Entry Jobs but that is not true the Word Data Entry Jobs has many jobs in it like playing game, Watching Videos, Download Any app and reviewing it, Online Surveys, Typing Jobs, Use and then review any of the Product, Review any Website, etc. When you have full grip on the Data Entry Jobs then you could easily earn more than $500 per month.

Popular Online Date Entry Websites:

  • Scribie
  • Casting Words
  • Transcribe Team
  • MegaTypers
  • Captcha2Cash
  • Cashcrate
  • SurveySavvy
  • Toluna


Blogging is also one of the best ways to earn money online. The blogging concept in not so familiar to our students so that is why they are unable to earn money from blogging but the fact is that from blogging in Pakistan people have earned money more than one could expect that this could have so capable of. In blogging what you need to do is just make a website on any of the topics you have grip. Start writing topic, generate daily users then apply for any advertisement companies like Google Adsense, Infolinks, Adnow, Bing ads,, etc. When your website is approved by these advertisers you can put advertisements on your blog and then earnings will start when users click on these advertisements.


Freelancing is not a new concept in the Online world. If you have any kind of skills that you could provide others online then this could be the Online Jobs In Pakistan For Students Without Investment. In Skills you are an expert you can offer graphic designing, Website logos, Organization logos, SEO, Social Media Sharing, WordPress queries, Blogging help, etc, and many other skills which could be provided online. I have seen many students earning handsome amounts by freelancing in spending just a few hours on the Internet.

Popular Online Freelancing Websites:

  • Fiverr 
  • Peopleperhour
  • Elance
  • Freelancer
  • UpWork /ODesk

Online Tutor:

If you are capable of teaching any class or students then the online tutor will be the best online Job for you. These services are offered in the main cities of Pakistan these days because of the high-speed Internet and the number of users of the Internet is higher in these cities. You can offer your teaching skills Online and provide tuition to the students and against it get money.

Popular Online Tutor Website:

  • K12
  • Kaplan

These are all the ideas for Online Jobs In Pakistan For Students Without Investment so you can choose one of them and start earning a handsome amount. if you want to ask something more about this topic then you can write to us in the comment section given below on this page.