Dams in Pakistan MCQs with Answers

Students can get Dams in Pakistan MCQs with Answers here. When we are talking about the geography of Pakistan, then it is impossible to forget dams. If you attempt any test where Pakistan Geography is the topic then you must prepare for the MCQs related to the dams. There are different reasons a dam is made. The most important one is to suppress floods when there is excess rain. In addition, these reservoirs are then used to meet water requirements throughout the year. It is also used to produce electricity. In Pakistan, there is a total of about 150 dams and reservoirs. The largest dam in Pakistan is Tarbela Dam which is situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Now, scroll down and get the details about Dams in Pakistan MCQs.

Dams in Pakistan MCQs with Answers


Dams in Pakistan MCQs

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1. Simli Dam was built on which river?

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2. What is the production capacity of the electricity of Ghazi Barotha Dam?

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3. Which dam was announced by the Indian Ministry of Power on River Jhelum in clear violation of the Indus Water Treaty?

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4. The dame located between Kohistan and Diamer District is:

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5. The dam that is located between Attock, Swabi and Hairpur is:

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6. Which dam is the largest man-made dam in the world based on the volume of fill?

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7. Khanpur Dam is constructed on the river:

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8. On ______ river, Rawal Dam is constructed.

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9. Sabakzai Dam is situated in:

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10. On _____, Mohmand Dam was inaugurated.

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11. Dasu Dam is located in:

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12. The installed capacity of Dasu Dam is:

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13. The installed capacity of Tarbela Dam after completion of the fourth extension is:

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14. The installed capacity of Diamer Bhasha Dam is:

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15. The water storage capacity of Mangla Dam is:

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16. Pakistan’s largest dam is:

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17. Warsak Dam is constructed on the river:

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18. Hub dam is located on the river:

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19. The construction of Tarbela Dam was started in:

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20. Khanpur Dam is located in:

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21. The purpose of Rainee Dam is:

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22. The height of Tarbela Dam is?

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23. Mohmand Dam is being built on which river?

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24. The installed capacity of Kalabagh Dam is:

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25. On which river Tarbela Dam is built?

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Dams in Pakistan MCQs with Answers

Now, the important thing is to prepare well for these MCQs. Get the relevant knowledge about Dams in Pakistan here. So, this is all about Dams in Pakistan MCQs with Answers. Hopefully, you like the post and these MCQs helped you. Stay tuned with us for more relevant posts.

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