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He maintained that top of the line quality education will be provided to poor students of “Have-not families” in Danish School System. Despite meager resources, Punjab Government is ensuring that suitable resources are provided to school sector. We have decided to set up Science Labs in all PEF partner schools so that students could best learn Science subjects.

PEF has also planned to arrange free technical and vocational education for Matric students in TEVTA institutions so that they could become self reliant. Raja further maintained “Knowledge gives respect to nations; therefore, we should make learning our first priority.”

Raja Anwar, however, lamented that access to education still remains a challenge in Pakistan. Punishments in schools contribute to increasing drop-out rates. There is a need that all the children are raised in protective and encouraging environment, where society is responsive to their rights without any gender discrimination.

Earlier, Mrs. Farrah Naz, Program Support Manager, Plan Pakistan presented a report about a study conducted by Plan Pakistan in the districts of Chakwal, Islamabad and Vehari to study the state of corporal punishment among 8 to 18 years students. According to the study, overall prevalence of corporal punishment was 89 percent.

It was found that punishment is practiced during 8 to 12 years age bracket and the most common reasons are because of the students making noise, fighting or quarrelling with their class mates. It was also revealed that students are punished more in the rural areas, that does not indicate that urban areas are free from this dilemma but the ratio is less in comparison.

Syed Safdar Raza, Advocacy Advisor Plan Pakistan stressed that without hampering a delicate equilibrium of teachers-people relationship, the teachers should stop beating children. He added that violence against children is not perpetrating only by the teachers but from parents and work places as well. All forms of corporal punishment must be stopped immediately, he demanded.

He also explained that Plan Pakistan, in collaboration with Punjab Education Foundation, has initiated to develop a pilot rederessal system against corporal punishment in PEF Supported schools in Punjab as well as incorporating child rights in teachers training curricula. Mr. Raza added that apart from PEF, Plan Pakistan is also working with the provincial government of Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan, on ending corporal punishment from schools.

In the end, participants presented various proposals for ending corporal punishment from schools.

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