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NTS NAT Test Schedule 2018

NTS NAT Test Schedule 2018 and Test Dates are available here on this page so that you can have easy access. National Testing Service (NTS) starts its operations in year 2004 and in just these eight year it becomes the best testing service of Pakistan as well as the first public sector body that is independent in conducting all the exams. All the exams like Admission Exams in different Universities, Scholarship exams and recruitment in Pakistan are conduct by the National Testing Services in Pakistan. For different admissions in Universities now HEC demands for the Result of NTS, GAT or GEE depending upon the class you want to take admission so here is the NTS NAT (National Aptitude Test) Schedule for all those who want to appear in that exam. Let me remind you one thing that NTS NAT Test score is valid for one year so you can apply in any university on the behalf of NTS score for just one year next year if you want to do so than you again have to appear in the NTS NAT exam.

NTS NAT Test Schedule 2018

Schedule 2018
Sr# Test
Last Date of Submission
of Registration Form
Roll No. Slip
Dispatch Date
Result Announcement
Date on NTS Website
Result Card
Dipatch Date
1 Sunday 14th January 2018 Sunday 17th December 2017 Wednesday 27th December 2017 Thursday 4th January 2018 Monday 22n January 2018 Friday 26th January 2018
2 Sunday 11th February 2018 Sunday 14th January 2018 Wednesday 24th January 2018 Thursday 1st February 2018 Monday 19th February 2018 Friday 23rd February 2018
3 Sunday 11th March 2018 Sunday 11th February 18 Wednesday 21st February 18 Thursday 1st March 18 Monday 19th March 18 Thursday 22nd March 2018
4 Sunday 8th April 2018 Sunday 11th March 18 Wednesday 21st March 18 Thursday 29th March 18 Monday 16th April 18 Friday 20th April 2018
5 Sunday 6th May 2018 Sunday 8th April 2018 Wednesday 18th April 2018 Wednesday 25th April 2018 Monday 14th May 2018 Friday 18th May 2018
6 Sunday 3rd June 2018 Sunday 6th May 2018 Wednesday 16th May 2018 Thursday 24th May 2018 Friday 8th June 2018 Wednesday 13th June 2018
7 Sunday 8th July 2018 Sunday 3rd June 2018 Wednesday 13th June 2018 Thursday 28th June 2018 Monday 16th July 2018 Friday 20th July 2018
8 Sunday 5th August 2018 Sunday 8th July 2018 Wednesday 18th July 2018 Thursday 26th July 2018 Monday 13th August 2018 Friday 17th August 2018
9 Sunday 16th September 2018 Sunday 5th August 2018 Thursday16th August 2018 Wednesday 5th September 2018 Monday 24th September 2018 Friday 28th September 2018
10 Sunday 14th October 2018 Sunday 16th September 2018 Wednesday 26th September 2018 Thursday 4th October 2018 Monday 22nd October 2018 Friday 26th October 2018
11 Sunday 11th November 2018 Sunday 14th October 2018 Wednesday 24th October 2018 Thursday 1st November 2018 Monday 19th November 2018 Friday 23rd November 2018
12 Sunday 9th December 2018 Sunday 11th November 2018 Wednesday 21st November 2018 Thursday 29th November 2018 Monday 17th December 2018 Friday 21st December 2018

If you want to register in the NTS NAT test then the procedure is not so much difficult as first of all you have to get registration form and bank deposit slip which you can also download from here


Deposit Rs. 700/- to any of the MCB, Meezan, HBL or ABL. After that attach 2 photographs and all the documents required for the registration and send it to the National Testing Service.

NTS NAT Test Schedule 2018

keep Visiting this page frequently to stay up to dated from every latest updates of National testing Service NAT Test Schedule 2018. National Aptitude Test is conducted every month in the supervision of NTS and you can use this NTS Score for the next whole one year. As NTS test score is valid for one year after that you have to reappear again.

This is all about the NTS NAT Test Schedule 2017 so if you want to appear in the National Testing Services NTS National Aptitude Test NAT then you can by these schedules as mentioned in the table above.


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