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Political Science Scope In Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Courses, Subjects

Political Science is a close term of social science as this is directly connects with almost all the fields of social life as nation, state, government and especially with Politics. If you are searching for the Scope of Politics in future for a job opportunity for a handsome amount for a salary then you are on the right way to get know about political Science. The word Political is derived from the politics so that in this field mostly subjects are related to politics so that the new comers can hold the political issues on the state and national level. The Political science teaches to approaches the positivism, rational choice theory, methods and techniques about kinds of inquiries sought. The Political Science develops the leadership qualities, ability for analytical thinking, and talent for Interpersonal relationship in a person which makes a common person an extra ordinary. A person who can solve the problems by a good judgment and can take a better decision about relevant matter is more acceptable by and respectable among community and the political science generate these qualities in a person. So if you have qualify four previous qualifications and now wants to be a politician then you are suggest that to choose this field if you want to be a leader.

Political Science Scope In Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Courses, Subjects

Political Science Scope In Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Courses, Subjects

Subjects and Courses in Political Science

Candidates can join the Political Science after Intermediate as “bachelor in Political Science”. After Bachelor the Masters in Political Science and then Ph. D in political science is the complete form for the specialization in this field. In Political Science there are following subjects which a candidate have to study.

  • Political Theory
  • Comparative Politics
  • Public Law
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration
  • Political Methodology
  • International Relations

Jobs and Salary In Political Science

There is a huge opportunity for political scientist in the occupational fields and they can earn a handsome amount as salary and by their own services on the behalf of their goodwill. You can make an idea from this that almost 75% Politicians gets job from their institutes and the other 25% gets jobs by application procedure on merit base. Jobs for Political Sciences are as follows.

  • Judge of the Law
  • Political Journalist
  • Civil Service Officer
  • Political Advisor
  • Teaching and research in Law

Well the salary for a Political Scientist cannot match or describe for a fixed amount as the salary for different posts is different due to the experience and services. But an approximate idea about salary is start from 30, 000/-. So you are advised to get admission in any college or institute to be a good political scientist in future to secure your future.

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