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Top Boarding Schools In Pakistan

Here you can get the total list Of Top Boarding Schools In Pakistan with eligibility criteria. Boarding schools are not just giving education to the students but also teaching students how to live while facing all the hurdles of life. Boarding schools are the kind of schools where the student lives in the school during study years with other classmates, teachers, and administration. Boarding is attached as it gives the sense of Lodging and Meals But there is also some category of boarding school where a student came during the day and returns to their homes after studying at the evening. The concept of sending children to boarding schools does not start in the East it is a concept of the west but now it is more encouraged in the east nowadays. So here is the list of boarding schools from all over Pakistan may it help you in deciding which boarding school you are going to send your child. So keep reading this post to get the list of Top Boarding Schools In Pakistan along with the eligibility criteria for taking admissions to Top Boarding Schools In Pakistan.

Top Boarding Schools In Pakistan

In this, we discuss some of the army and Cadet boarding schools and colleges in Pakistan where you can get admission your child in class eight and 1st Year, 8th class boarding schools admission in October to December Month, especially in cadet boarding schools.

Boarding Schools In Pakistan

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Boarding Schools in Pakistan

  1. Abbottabad Public School & College
  2. Aitchison College, Lahore
  3. Army Burn Hall College, Abbottabad
  4. Army Public College, Chinar Campus Murree
  5. Army Public School, Jhelum
  6. Cadet College Hasan Abdal
  7. Cadet College Kohat
  8. Cadet College Larkana
  9. Cadet College Mastung
  10. Cadet College Murree
  11. Cadet College Palandri
  12. Cadet College Petaro
  13. Cadet College Razmak
  14. Cadet College Sanghar
  15. Cadet College Skardu
  16. Chand Bagh School, Muridke
  17. Convent of Jesus and Mary, Murree
  18. Divisional Public Schools
  19. Habib Public School
  20. Lawrence College Ghora Gali, Murree
  21. Murree Christian School, Murree
  22. PAF Public School Sargodha
  23. Pakistan Steel Cadet College
  24. Sadiq Public School, Bahawalpur
  25. Uswa College, Islamabad
  26. Military College Jhelum
  27. Military College Murree
  28. Military College Sui
  29. Cadet College Jhelum
  30. Pakistan Scouts Cadet College Batrasi
  31. Pakistan Cadet School And College Murree
  32. Cadet College Margalla
  33. Pakistan Air Force Public School Lower Topa Murree Hills
  34. Joint Cadet College and School Multan
  35. Pakistan International Public School(PIPS) Abbottabad
  36. Army Public School Bahawalpur

Top Boarding Schools in Karachi

Boarding schools play a major role in the professional way linked with the academic way. Perfect boarding means the highest understanding of the individual level of nourishment. A high-quality teacher is the only way to get success in the boarding school competition. Qualified teachers make you realize the ethical environment that can make you highlight the interaction between students and the only other element available there are teachers. The boarding school benefits from classes arranged for them.

  • American School Karachi
  • Divisional Public Schools
  • Habib Public School
  • Pakistan Steel Cadet College

Top Boarding Schools In Lahore

Lahore is a major city in terms of heterogeneous students. Those students are willing to perform according to their needs and situations. Lahore region has the following boarding schools. These boarding schools shall make you disciplined and obedient according to the norms and values of our society. so get Top Boarding Schools in Lahore

  • Aitchison College, Lahore
  • Chand Bagh School, Muridke

Top Boarding Schools In Islamabad

The region is highly modern which makes you busy as well. The busy routine is going to share according to the need assessment. Boarding school needs in that region that make you aware of the situational backup. so get the name of the Top Boarding Schools In Islamabad

Top Boarding Schools In Rawalpindi

The situation dealing with boarding school at the student level can never accomplish in day school. Schools believe in inculcating the spirit of being alone and self-made. The below-given boarding school list in Rawalpindi and Islamabad regions has the same advantages. It is all about the Top Boarding Schools In Rawalpindi.

  • Uswa College, Islamabad
  • Cadet College Margalla

Eligibility / Requirements for Admission

students can take Admission to boarding schools from class 5 grade to intermediate level studies. it is because till 5 class a child could manage to live far from his family and he could attain the rules of living in a community of students. Alongside age, physical health is also necessary to be fit for taking admission to a boarding school. Moreover, the eligibility criteria are assigned according to the criteria for each school…

Boarding School Admission Procedure

Well if your child is eligible and you want him to get admitted to a boarding school then you just have to visit that school along with your child. there you will have to obtain an admission form and an attestation form for verification. you have to sign some rules and regulations prescribed for leaving your child in this school. well, somehow the schools restrict the date limit but I personally suggest you never wait for the last date and just visit the boarding school nearest to your home when your child has been free from the other school exams…

It is all about the Top Boarding Schools In Pakistan if you have something more to share then our comment section is waiting for you at the end of the page.


  1. Dear,Respected Sir , I an Saeed Choudary living in Abu Dgabi UAE searcging good bording school for my son he is now going to grade 6th but i need next year in grade 7th please tell me a good school i am living ia Hari Pur kpk pakistan thanks, Reagreding SAEED CHOUDARY,UAE

  2. i m looking boarding school in murree for my nephew he is studying ni 8 class plz do help me in this regard hurry up

  3. hi i m looking for boarding school in karachi ihave 2 kids my son and my duaghter kindly help me to search best boarding school

  4. Dears my 2 children they are under 17 and 16 age I want to do that admission in murre or islamabad in school there are also hostel facilities and good security please any dear corporate me
    Thanks a lot

  5. aslam alekum i am rashid from lahore i have 2 nephews in lahore looking for gud boarding school plz help me out rashid03344465238

  6. Mrs iqbal when u find a best boarsing school pls let me know I am from uk as well I have daughter 8 yrs old

  7. I selected pakistan scout cadit college batrasi for my son for class 7. Many student from saudi arabia join this cedit college every year. I hope my decesion will be good for my son – Insha Allah.


  9. mera dost ke 2 beta hain woh apne bachon ko future main doctor banana chata hai plz aesa school batain jahan shuru se medical education de jae plz contact03454211878

  10. KPSI Cadet School & College System With Separate Hostels for Boys & Girls Lahore.
    0321-8880242 Vice Chairman Mian Hussain Mehmood

  11. please suggest me for best boarding school in Punjab. for my six year old son……. this is my contact # 03336719991 i wl wait ur ans sir

  12. My younger brother read in 9th class so i search a best boarding school for my brother anyone help me.0343703253 please contact this number.

  13. Mr. Fahad, Please give me little more information regarding Sadiq Public School for my 4 years old son is there boarding for 4y kid? I am working abroad, my home town is Pakpattan. warm Regards, Naseer Hussain

  14. Respected sirs,
    currently i am living in italy, i have three sons, studying in 4th,5th and 6th in rome. now i want to shift to Pakistan and looking for a good cadet school for my kids. i live in Toba tek singh in Pakistan. will you please help me in this regard and also the complete information about admissions there.
    Babar Siddique

    1. Behan ap sy barh kar us k lie koi dars gah nahi.abi usy ap ki zarorat ha.jab wo is kabil ho g tab ap usy jaha marzi bejiye ga

  15. I have son 14+ years very intelligent & don’t want destroy or delay further. He was studied in city school Lahore & than passed 8th from Federal board syllabus in UAE Pakistani School. Pls help me

  16. hi… i am zubair zulfiqar from lahore looking best air force boarding school for me i am 14 year old plz help……..

  17. My son have completed o level in karachi i am looking for good boarding school for his further studies in disciplined envoiurment

  18. AOA i have 8yr old son i live in Saudi Arabi .i want a good boarding school for my son in pakistan near to siyalkot.can someone tell me.thanks alot

  19. Can any friend guide for admission of 3-4 year girl student in any good boarding school, as the parents are overseas. Mr. Fahad to comment plz.

  20. hey everyone if u want to admit Ur child in hostel than hostel of sadiq public school bahawalpur is the best hostel in Pakistan coz i have spent 13 years in its boarding so i recommend u all for that and i can satisfy u with the help of fact and figures so my advice is to admit Ur child in sadiq public hostel…i can help u all and can give u anytype of information…

  21. army burn hall college abbott abad is best for class 6 to fsc but about rs 15000 per month if u can not afford then all cadet colleges are best starting from 8th class more info 03007859050

  22. i am looking for a good boardind college for my 17 year old daughter,she is matriculate and intends converting from matric to cambridge system. please someone help and guide the best ,thx.

    1. List of Boarding Schools in Murree Pakistan
      1.Somlait Boarding School Bhurban,Murree
      2.Chinar Army Public School Murree
      3.Lawrence College Murree
      4.PAF Cadet College Lower Topa Murree.
      5. Cadet College Murree
      6.Convent of Jesus & Mary Murree

  23. I have 9yr old son i live in karachi .i want a good boarding school for my son.can someone tell me

  24. I am looking for a boarding school for my son who is 10 years old from England. Please help to find a school with both islamic and english education,

  25. I am asif from Dubai looking a boarding school in lahore and muree for my 11 years old daughter and 9 years old son .Kindly suggest me thanks.

  26. i m zain from sialkot and looking for a high school in murree location for admission in 9th class, kindly suggest me and thanks

  27. All of these schools are good like milititary college jehlum, lawrence college murree, aitchison college, hassan abdal……….but i regard lawrence college as the best, there is no match to it because it has an amalgamation of cadet, army life with elite touch.

  28. I suggest u Army public college murree it’s frm nursery to 12th boarding n as well dayshcolor so plz I request to parents plz admit your childrens in Chinar Army public college murree the best boarding school in Pakistan n best discipline forever. It’s a Army college. So plz join this college n safe ur childrens future. U must try it m sure u will not disappoint.

  29. Guys I am a ex student of chinar Army public college Murree, oh My God what a college yra… I think Army public college is pakistan,s best college always. APS in murree is the best boarding school in pakistan I request u If you want a bright future plz join Army public college Murree. if u need any information plz mail me my adress z [email protected]


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