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PMA Long Course Initial Test Sample Paper Preparation

PMA Long Course Initial Test Sample Paper Questions that will candidates have to face when they are in the examination center of the army selection and recruitment center is available to this page. Most of the candidates are totally unaware of the fact that what is the paper pattern of the PMA Long Course Initial Written Test so when they are in the examination center they could not able to perform well and their great wish to be a part of the Pak Army is become just a wish. So that is why candidates if you are also thinking of registering yourself for the PMA Long course this year then you must have to put an eye on this PMA Long Course Sample Papers Questions because this sample paper will really help you in knowing the exact paper pattern and the questions distribution that you have to face on that date.

PMA long courses are conducted for people who are interested to join the Pakistani army for 17-grade officer position. These courses are held 2 times a year. One course is conducted in winter and the other is conducted in summer. All those men who are eager to join the Pakistan army through this long course should make sure to check out the selection criteria on the official website of the Pakistan army which is The following are a few procedures that each candidate has to go through to be able to join the army.

  • Registration
  • Initial test
  • ISSB
  • Medical Tests

PMA Long Course Initial Test Preparation

PMA Long Course Initial Test Sample Paper Questions

The first initial test for the PMA Long Course is online so the PMA Long Course Online Test Format is divided into three parts and that are as follow

The online test consists of three types of tests. The tests are verbal, nonverbal, and academic level tests. In the verbal test, 94 questions are given to the candidate and the time given to complete those questions is 30 minutes. In the non-verbal test section, 96 questions are given and the time span to complete them is again 30 minutes. The biggest challenge is the academic tests because the candidates are given 50 questions and they are required to solve it within 30 minutes. The verbal and non-verbal test includes questions related to general common sense. The non verbal questions are mainly based on common sense but pictures are also included in the test paper. The academic test checks the level of the candidate in the subjects Pakistan Studies, Islamiyat, Maths, and English. The candidates who pass the verbal level can move on to non-verbal section and the ones who pass out non-verbal tests are eligible to take the academic test. The candidates that pass all these levels are allowed to enter the medical test. The candidate who fails at any of these stages will be exempted and he will have to try all over again.

Question Duration Subjects
Verbal 96 30 Mints
Non-Verbal 96 40 Mints common sense with Pictures
Academic 50 30 Mints
  • Pak studies
  • Islamiyat
  • Math
  • English

PMA Long Course Initial Test Sample Paper

Every year Pak Army induction started in which the students who clear the initial test will be called for the ISSB test and then they become a part of the Pak Army so the first step is to clear the PMA Long Course Initial Test which is impossible if you are unaware of the questions distributions of the test that is why here on this page we have provided you the complete guidance and the PMA Long Course Initial Test Sample Paper so your preparation should be perfect and you do well in the examination.  So candidates if you have done your intermediate with at least 60% marks in the annual examination then you are eligible for the PMA initial test Down here is the sample paper with the few questions and their answers too so have a look down on this page.

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PMA Long course Physical Test

  • 1.6 kilometer Running
  • 15 Pushups
  • 20 situps
  • 3 chinups

After the candidate has passed the medical test he is called in for a physical test. In this test, the candidate is supposed to take part in 1 mile running race which he has to complete in 8 to 10 minutes. His stamina in exercise is also checked by making him do 15 pushups, 15 reach ups, and ditch crossing. in Running you can try to running slowly don’t try to become first its long race try to complete within time.

PMA Long Course initial Medical Tests

The candidate’s body is examined thoroughly by the doctors present at the ASRC.

  • Full Body checkup
  • eye side check-up
  • Arms checking
  • fleet feet
  • Speaking and listening checkup
  • Nose Check

All test and examination in CMH hospital

Final Interview

Final interview after the ISSB. A final interview is then taken by the head of the department and if the candidate is lucky enough to satisfy him he finally achieves the dream of entering the army.

Students we hope that this PMA Long Course Initial Test Sample Paper Questions will really help you in preparing yourself for the best so that you could clear your PMA Online test and move to the next step that is ISSB. Well, students, this is just a sample that is why only a few questions are being put in this PMA online Sample Paper well all these questions and Answers are the best way to prepare yourself.


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