How To Register Domain Name In Pakistan

If you are searching for How To Register Domain Name In Pakistan then let me first tell you that it is not so tough task as many of you thinking it just require few cautions while choosing a purchasing a domain name so if you are thinking of making a website then you first read this article. Domain name  is like a name of your business after you select the domain name you can change you web hosting but the Domain Name will be with you forever. So choose wisely the domain name as after that this will be your recognition for your business. Domain name should be chosen perfectly that describe your business that what kind of business you are running on this website. How to Make a Website and Earn Money is the second and third step respectively but the first basic step is How to Choose and Register a Domain Name.

How To Register Domain Name In PakistanHow To Register Domain Name In Pakistan

Here are few things which you have to keep in mind while choosing a Domain Name

Generic Name or Brand Name:

There are many people who go for the generic name of their website like if they are running a Sports portal they use as their domain name but the better thing is that rather you go for Generic try to go for the brand name as every product you purchase has a brand name you pay the product because of the brand why lives use this name rather for the Clothing this is the power of brand to take your product where you want to see it.

Long Or Short Domain Name:

Well you can go for the both for long as well as for short but short domain name has more advantages the the long as it is easy to remember so when ever a person wanted to recall you domain name so that they he or she can see your product then they can easily remember and can come to your site.

Do not Go For Plurals or the world like “The”:

You can find many website that has plurals in their domain name or the world like “the”, “My”, “Is” Etc but you should try to avoid these kinds of words as that can confuse your targeted customer and also did not put a positive impact on you product or Domain Name.

.Com, .Org or .PK:

The biggest question came into the mind of a person registering a domain name is that for what extension you should go for whether it is.Com, .Org or any country specific like .PK, .in, .bd, Etc that totally depends you your traffic or the product like if you are running an organization then you can go for .org and if your targeted customer is in the whole world then you can go for .com but if you are targeting customer in some specific country then you can go for the extension of your country  like in Pakistan you can select .pk.

How to Register a Domain Name:

Register a domain name requires a domain registrar you pay that registrar an amount that worth of your domain name and then that registrar will register your selected domain name through an organization called ICANN. Once you paid registration fee that means the domain name is register for the one year now next year you have to renew this domain name otherwise it will not be yours

Complete Procedure:

  • First of all select a domain name that you like to register
  • You need a credit card or a paypal account if you want to register a domain as the transaction is made through these two mediums
  • pay your registrar amount and domain name is registered.
  • if you already have web hosting then you can run the domain name on it but if you do not have then you can ask your registrar to park your domain name so then when you have a hosting you can start your website.

Few Name of the Domain Registrar:
Here are some of the top domain name registrar as in market you can find more then you think of but these are the most trusty and reasonable around the world.

  • Namecheap
  • Cosmotown
  • GoDaddy
  • eNom
  • 1&1 Internet
  • Dotster
  • Network Solutions
  • Moniker

Now there your first step that How to Choose and Register a Domain Name Yourself is completed and now you can go for the next step that is Purchase a Web Hosting so that your domain name can be run on that hosting. Till this if you have some query then you can write us in the comment section below this post your response team will give proper answer of your each query.

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