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Fastest Growing Business Ideas in Pakistan

Are you seeking the Fastest Growing Business Ideas in Pakistan? If your answer is ‘yes’! (Of course) You just keep on reading this page and follow the instructions in order to pursue a successful career with your ownership. ‘Business’ means an organization or a company that is producing, manufacturing, and exchanging goods and services for earning profit. The main and primary purpose of a business is just to earn profit and avoid loss. While a ‘businessman’ is that one who is investing to run his/ her business, he is also responsible for each and every activity happening in the business. He enjoys the profit as well as bears the losses too. So – whenever anyone thinks about starting his own business must keep in mind that he has been practically working in the relating field or have an internship somewhere. Businessmen must be fully familiar with all the actions that might be happening in this business. Pakistan is a developing country that is making progress in every field of life now. There is a huge competition in each field and one who is perfect is only leading to others. Keep on reading to get the latest ideas for the Fastest Growing Business Ideas in Pakistan.

Fastest Growing Business Ideas in Pakistan

All those ideas that are fastest growing in Pakistan is here as well especially students who want to do some online now can get the latest business ideas in Pakistan from this page. On the other hand, read all the latest business ideas and then apply. Take the Fastest Growing Business Ideas in Pakistan.

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Unique Business Ideas in Pakistan

Unique business ideas in Pakistan are many exist but some most important is available. If you want to grow a business in a short duration with low investment then take all ideas that are mentioned below. Further, read all Unique Business Ideas in Pakistan is listed below. All these ideas are Fastest Growing Business Ideas in Pakistan.
  • Educational Institute
  • Call Centre
  • Fashion and Boutique
  • Hotel and Fast Food
  • Transportation

Detail of all Unique Ideas

  • Educational Institute

If your qualifications are good and you have enough experience for teaching then making an educational institute like school, academy, college, or university is the best option for you to run your own business. Moreover, in case your qualification is not suitable but you have investment for hiring teachers then you can also run this business. This business is a good source of earning because these days almost every person is well aware with the importance of studies and he prefers his child to admit in a good school where there is a quality education under a well secure environment. it is the most profitable business among Fastest Growing Business Ideas in Pakistan.

  • Call Center

Todays’ men have become so indolent and prefer to avail everything at his doorstep. That’s why the trend for online selling and buying developing rapidly in Pakistan as well as all over the world. We are using many services in which one of the most use to is our mobile phones network companies. Whenever we felt to ask something relating to any issue to services we call them instead of going to franchise. So all these types of tasks are being held by the call centers. We can visualize how this business is successful in Pakistan. Keep in mind that you have to get a permission letter from the government now to run a legal call center in Pakistan. It is the second Fastest Growing Business Ideas in Pakistan.

  • Fashion and Boutiques

Everyone is a victim of fashion and one who is introducing new trends and fashion in wearing, clothing, accessories, shoes or designing is famous and earning according to his / her demands. Designers are running their own boutiques and providing their designs and creativity and earning a handsome revenue. This business is more suitable for girls these days because in females the attention toward fashion and new arrivals are more than man everywhere. For starting this business you just need to have a creative mind and proper qualifications in diploma of fashion and boutique. It is because this field has been so vast now without good experience and practice you can survive in the market until you present a new fashion and or trend. Read from below the Fastest Growing Business Ideas in Pakistan.

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  • Hotel/ Fast Food

A business that is always in profit is a hotel or fast food restaurant. It is a four-season business and people are always coming to try what you are serving them. But just keep better your quality and provide a clean environment for visitors so that your business can grow. So if you are interested to go with this business then you should also be familiar with the needs and deeds of this business.

  • Transportation

Transportation is a versatile business everywhere because it starts from a riksha and you can establish your local bus transport company. For this business, you don’t have to be much literate but the thing required is just the investment. In Pakistan, this is also a successful business that is low investment and a big earning source. There are various local and government transportation companies in Pakistan that are providing convenient facilities that can establish your career in the best way. There are many other Fastest Growing Business Ideas in Pakistan that are going on running such as real estate dealing, Mobile, Computer sale purchase and repairing, Manufacturing, Textile designing, and builders. but in any business, you should be well known with the needs of the market and what’s the latest trend is going for what peoples will like to have. Never start a business in which you don’t have experience.

Fastest Growing Business Ideas in Pakistan

Most Profitable Business in Pakistan with Low Investment

  • Tuition Center
  • Beauty Salon
  • Baking Business
  • Catering Business
  • Event Management
  • Mehndi Centre

Further, read the details from below:

  • Tuition Center:
    In the first Business Ideas In Pakistan, You can start up a teaching center. As soon as you will start getting more admissions then you can also open up the academy center. It will be only your teaching skills that will be required in this business.
  • Beauty Salon:
    You can also open up a beauty salon. You have to get the training course the makeup first, then you are all set to go to have your own makeup salon.
  • Baking Business:
    All the girls can also start the baking business. You only need money for the products that will be required to make that baking product, this is all! You can deliver these cakes, cupcakes and also pastries on all the special occasions. But one important thing is that you should be having fine baking skills.
  • Catering Business:
    In New Business Ideas In Pakistan With Low Investment, You can also start your own catering business from your own home place. In the initial time, you have to take small orders which you can carry easily than in the later time, you can start taking big orders.
  • Event Management:
    You can also start an event management business. Just make a group of 4 to 5 people who know how to manage the events, this kind of business can also be started from the college level. In the initial time, try to take events of smaller level and have some experience too.
  • Mehndi Center:
    Girls can also set up the mehndi centers, the only thing that they need is the art of applying the mehndi, this is all! They can start this business and it will be fruitful because girls love to apply mehndi on Eid and mehndi days.
  • Boutique:
    You can also have your own stitching and fashion boutique center as this is also one of the Fastest Growing Business Ideas in Pakistan. In the initial time, you can start taking small orders, you can make the online delivery and when your business will be established then you can also send your dresses to some other countries too. It will be only your art that how beautifully you will be designing the dresses.

Most Profitable Business in Pakistan with Low Investment

Small Business Ideas in Pakistan

  • General Store:

The idea of setting up a general store in any commercial zone is a very much attractive business idea, which does not require any huge investment. General stores did not require heavy investment due to the least number of cash involvement. Many suppliers can make credit arrangements for the general store owners. General Store is an evergreen business, which can make you earn well, without making any huge initial investment and low risk of loss.

  • Property dealing:

In Pakistan, the trend of property dealing business is getting more and more popular. Property dealing also comes under the list of small businesses in Pakistan that never requires high investment. You even don’t need an office, as it can be done through public relations, or from home. The only need is to find the buyer and the seller and do convince them to sit for a meeting. The commission system after a deal is settled between buyers and sellers would be perfect to maintain the profit activity.

  • Web Designing and Online business:  

Online businesses are the cheapest business to start but in reality, it is much more technical as compared to other businesses. It is not an easy cake to be successful in online business and outsourcing. This can be done through a home, as one can make a website for anything in which he/she is special and expert which might be any handcrafting, eatables, including cakes, cookies, clothing, and interior designing.

  • Food chain:

The food chain in Pakistan is considered to be the most popular and highly accepted Small Business idea in Pakistan under the culture and environment of the country where the people are food lovers and fond of eating. So any retail or outlet regarding any food items, including the fast food, traditional food, junk food, or even ice cream parlor can be a very productive investment which comes under small business ideas in Pakistan because they don’t demand any huge investment and capital and at the same time, the risk of loss is also very much lower as compared to other business ideas in Pakistan.

Online Small Business Ideas in Pakistan for Students

  • Data Entry and Typing Job:

Data Entry jobs are easily available on the internet. It is a simple job of entering data. It just needs basic skills to operate a computer. It is a comfortable and easy job for students. They can easily do it in their spare time.  It is related to copy-paste strategy, the student has to copy and paste the given context into the data entry link. In typing jobs, you have to be familiar with typing and must have good typing speed. You are given words or paragraphs and have to write on the prescribed link. For this purpose, you have a good command of typing. You can earn enough amounts from it and don’t need any type of job outside.

  • Content Writer:

Content Writer is one of the leading online jobs. It refers to the writing skills on different topics. Most of the companies or organizations do have not enough time to write on their website and blogs, for this purpose they hire online content writers who are able to write unique. If you have good writing skills then you will be able to earn online. Students can easily join content writing online without any investment.

  • Online Marketing:

The affiliation market n Pakistan is rising with the pulse rate. Most of the companies forward their product to different marketers to sell on a commission or salary basis to the customers. The marketer can easily post the pictures of these products in order to market them, through which it gains publicity and tempted the people to buy this. This is also the best Online Business In Pakistan For Students Without Investment You can post pictures of the description of the specific product on a Facebook page or a blog.

  • Fiver:

Fiver is one of the best choices for students to earn with any investment. Fiver is a big platform where all sellers buy their services in which they have command.  A student who has a good command of writing, graphics, development and web designing, etc can easily earn online by selling their service. You can earn from here in $ Dollars and gain publicity in the international market.

  • Ad Posting:

Ad Posting is another free online job in Pakistan. In this job, the student is given some ads and instructed to post on specific pages or different social media. It is very easy and no one can feel difficulty while posting the ads. You can easily earn heavily from a free online ad posting job.

  • Online Business In Pakistan

All their online jobs are free from any investment, a student can easily do this job in their spare time. You can easily earn from above mentioned Online Business In Pakistan For Students Without Investment a minimum of $10 to $100 per month or maybe more.

What Is The Best Business To Start In Pakistan

Tea Stall As Owner In Pakistan

Buying a tea stall and keeping ownership of that tea stall. Rs. 20 is a reasonable price for the teacup. The cost of one teacup is Rs.8 and selling 1500 cups every day means Tea Stall As Owner In Pakistan making 15k plus rupees as the net profit.

Blog Writing In Pakistan

You just need a topic that currently people are searching for. These are people searching for the solution to the problem. Google is the big source of information and blogs are there to try to provide the answer to those queries. I think the above given two sentences clarify the way I am talking because we are the Google-centered person at some level. The Writing solution to those problems on your website can make Google aware of the new ways of presentation and information source. The rank of the website increases day by day with the bulk of the experience. Therefore, this business is known as a no-cost business. It did not require investment rather mind and time. Most of the time most innovative minds in this business collect huge sums of money at the end of the month by just doing Blog Writing In Pakistan that is What Is The Best Business To Start In Pakistan.

Buying and Selling Cars In Pakistan

You can start buying and selling cars with just a tiny investment. The car business is the hot one in Pakistan for those that have tiny investments. You must be familiar with this business before opting for the business because the secret of the business lies in buying cheap cars and selling them at higher prices. There are many people in this market who are earning huge profits by buying and selling cars in Pakistan that’s why we put this on the list of What Is The Best Business To Start In Pakistan.

This is the complete information about Fastest Growing Business Ideas in Pakistan as well all business ideas are mentioned on this page. Moreover, when you start a new business then you face some difficulties. So let’s take an idea and then execute it.


  1. Lahore gulberg origa is a good market for cloth business .u can also get shops 6 month with out rent..those who are interested can inspect market and contact for further guidence

  2. Assalam o alaikum. brothers
    what type of business I can start in rwp with small amount.
    like 5 lac
    suggest me plez

  3. hi every buddy i want to start distributor business please let me know about medicine company distributor i am from quetta

  4. hey everybody,i want to start a cloth business and having all resources too but dont know how to give the stardom coz of low information.if anybody intrested just let me know.thnx

    1. Hi Nazia,

      I am starting a New freight Forwarding Company. I need Investment. If you have Investment then contact me and start business with sharing.

    1. mr sarmad i want to do a cloth business having resources too but dont know how to give a stardom ..i realise that u r intrested for a work .so can u let me know about ur number so i ll contact u for further iformation

  5. Dear sir I live in Gugranwala I start the buisness Resturant also I tomuch interest this buis I have only 10 lakh pl advice me.

  6. I’m also interested my dear, I’m from quetta if You want partnership you can contact me on 03138384645

  7. salam my name is asad ali from swat pakistan and iwant to start of my own business in my own city swat.i want to start it from lower cost plzzzzzz reply me quickly im in deep trouble and very tens about tht tnx

  8. bhai main karachi main commision lay kr leather company say dosri parties ko milwata hun… agr aap k area main ya aap k country main aisi compnies hain jo Leather Goods bnati hain ya jin ko leather ki zroorat ho…..mujh say raabta krain hum commission per kaam krain gay mil kr.

  9. Hi, my name is Ritu Raj, a businessman from india and wnt to invest money in pakistan,s business so guys having good idea can contact me.

    1. Sir may name is NOUMAN SHAFIQ i am doing electical eng. in PAKISTAN.but i want to start my business can we both start our own bussines in PAK ?

  10. app ki govt nay india ko mfn karar day kar apni agricalture tabha destory kar lie ha app abb indian market ho pak. Agricalture forget forever your govt. have sold your agri.and farmer see pak. India trade on google

  11. guys em 18 yrs old n vry mch much cnfused .. and ryt now em already doin job in call cntre but want to start our own buisness and we have not enough money to invest.. so please gimi sm ideas to start buisnes in karachi according to circmstances if ew have a better idea than let me knw about it 🙂 thankew

    1. I guess in Karachi the most affordable and good business is open a restaurant or lunch delivery services in offices. But you need to do little research.

  12. Dear Ammar,my name is dr farhan.Yaar i am in karachi.I am an M.B.B.S Doctor doing my practice.I have heard a lot about forex trading busines.Could you kindly send me some information in this regard on my email address.if u live in karachi we can meet as well.

  13. dear ammar,i live in karachi,though i am a doctor and run my own practice but like to start a home based business.I have heard about forex trading before but everyone says that it is extremely business.kindly guide me in this regard on my email.May ALLAH bless you

  14. Aoa. Dear if any one intrested in cow n bufflo farming then cntact with me i have suitable location an farm building and grazing land also now a days its a most profitable busniess in pakistan n i have its experience but no investment if any one intrested in it then cntct with me

    1. I have a great idea.
      Buy a piece of land about 10 acres on rent in a rural area. It costs about 100,000 rs and grow different crops according to season. You will become rich in a couple of years inshAllah Ta’ala.
      Search AgriBusiness on Google.

  15. sir plz muje batain k 5 lacs tak kon kon se business start ho sakty hain jo part time ma kiya jain, ku k mai ek job b karta hon jo sham 7 bejy tak ha.

    1. Ap apne qareeny dihaty area me zameen karaye per le lo 5 Acre ki. Us per kheit ugao. 500,000 rs ki investment se 10,00,000 rs hojaenge inshAllah aik season me.

  16. In 50 thousand Rs what to start and where to get contract? this is the thing i want it to know if someone is a really GUru then do leme know please.Thanks

  17. A-O-A
    I read many comments I found that people have some money but they don’t know where and how they invest this money. I have many business secrets which I can’t disclose here. If anybody wants 7% to 10% per month guaranteed profit.

      1. Asalaamalaykum dear brothers.
        I am actually born in the UK and have been to Pakistan numerous times. The potential is enormous. I will be coming to Pakistan in the next couple of weeks. I have capital to invest totaling 100,000 rupees. Insha’Allah I will do solar energy business and biogas.

  18. dear All frnds slam.. frnz i,m very distrubed.. i hv done b,com and still i live in mpk.. but i want shifted in hyd and start a business.. i hv arranged 100000rupee. but what i do?? plz guide me.. i thinking a business off garments.. but i,m not take a decision so plx help me budy…

  19. guys if u hv 50,000 rupees then u should start forex a days forex trading is one of the best business. i”ll started at 2010 nd now in 2 years i hv lot of experience nd nw at that tym my monthly earing 850-1000 dollars whch is almost 1 lac rupee. i adviced u plx try at once.. inshallah u wl succeed

      1. Hi, I read your comments about starting a forex business, I know couple of close friends and relatives they started this business but due to current inflation rate increasing back home they got huge loss in it. I don’t want to scare you but to start a business its brave step. Such business can grow further when you are ready to put more investment in it but profit ratio is mimimal.
        I’ll suggest you to put your reserves and money in construction business which doesnt need much efforts from you if you are giving daily couple of hours on it because you just focus on labours and materials. The business which gives you 30% plus margins are construction and restaurant where somestimes Gross Margin increase to 45% plus, whereas in other industry margin is low currency devaluation.

    1. Ammar will you please send me the complete information regarding forex trading and your precious advice, i’ll be thankful to u

    2. Asalaam mr. gillani,
      I am interested in forex trading plz let me know how ths business runs. Hope to hear soon from you.

  20. yaar aap sub english me he lagy huwy ho kuch pareshaan haal log jo sirf urdu janty hen unko bhi mashwrah do . mera mashwra he k kbhi kisi k sath partnership na karna me ne hmesha dhhoka khaya he. choty level pe ho mager apny hath me ho to wo sb se behter he Allah sub ki madad farmay .

  21. Salam to all
    As u know that due to political situation , no one is intrested to start a business in Pakistan. By the time people are trying to shift their business in other countries like Saudi Arab , Uk , Canada soo pray for our better future and hope that we will be sucessful in each and every business…
    Regards : Zeeshan Cheema

  22. excllent comments …. thats the truth of life that without money its defficult to start any business but its not impossible …. business needs your hard work, your planning and managment ….. i started medicine business in start i faced many probs and loses and now mashAllah with the support of my dad i have my own medicine company now.So its take time to get a succesful business and if you say that you want that business which have no risk then my dear its a dream becouse no one business is risk less even the business of selling fruits on the road is also a risk business may be no body take fruit from you and buy the fruits from the other person or shop.Always hope for the best and if you dont get any way then leave on Allah ….. if someone is interested in partnership business then most welcome ….

    1. i wud lyk to no what medicine business you have.
      I am from the uk and have a business here but want to start some in pakistan.any suggestions let me no, maybe an internet business.

  23. my dear in pakistan only those business are succesful inwhich comission involve.such as govt contractor .you may succeed within days and become millionior.

  24. to all
    i have an idea for you
    VISIT home industries of sialkot gujranwala waziraba
    see what they produes sell them online to other countries.
    lather garments
    hand made things are great IDEAS
    NO investment required

  25. im in lincoln electric .i have experience of business but i know that i will lose my money in pakistan because business in usa is different from pakistan .no projects in pakistan.

  26. I have done MBA from ucp lahore recently and I have not much money at this time but I want to start business. please guide me what business will suite me.

  27. @wasim

    You can only open a barber shop with 50000 PKR. Just buy a a chair and a mirror and rent a shop. You may already have scissors and combs at home.

  28. i have only 50000………….. i want to start any profitable and respectable businesss……….. pls guide me………….

    1. you should take a shop on rent and start garments business just now it is very profitable business. or stationary business it is very good seasonal business

  29. i m a studnt of bcom1 n i am agree with saraj ali azur’s view we can success di buziness by our sincerity hard working n also by new ideas education instition didnt be sooo called as businees

  30. im in london im doing ACCA.girls can open beautipalar and tusion center.And boys can open mobile shops.And if light will back in pakistan boys can open net cafe.boys can open sports shops.boys can drive chingchi.boys can buy and drive carry,toyota,cars for business.Boys can open food shops like chaat shops or samose pakora or any other food.boys can open garmites shop etc etc.Next year i ll come pakistan.And i ll start my own business.

    1. champoo he tu be, LONDON men betha hai or baatain teri samosa pakora wali hen, or bol raha hai men b pakistan aa kar apna business karunga, to bhai ACCA aloo chaat banaanay k liye kar rahay ho kya?

    2. Sajjad bhai i am also doing Acca. I want to do little business in Pakistan. Plx guide me. by which i would be able to pay my acca fee. Thnx

  31. Their are huge domains and massive information is available on the internet… So what ever you want to do is your choice .. Do some thing for which you have passion and you have gathered as much information as possible… Having no money is an excuse.. Do something for which you have money or else gather the much with which you can start something… never plan anything with big investment … Plan with something that in worst case if you loose it you can still survive some how.. I’ll however suggest to work a bit in area’s you are interested to do business in.. .It will help you understand the system and once you are familiar wiht it then get into it at your own.. Mind it if you can’t work at area you are interested to do business .. you are getting ready for a failure… Always get a goal and work for it.. money wiull follow you… their are certain principles of life.. go with it and you will get the reward… their are no shortcuts in life… things take time to settle… when you plant a seed it doesn’t give you fruit next day… their is a cycle so keep that in mind… don’t over expect nor under estimate things… government process and procedures are complicated everywhere … so stop blaming your country… Love your country .. love your people.. do something for betterment of people and you will see the rewards… some times rewards are interms of money some times its in other forms.. so work hard do neat business and success will be yours..

  32. limited info provided in article, i hav dome mba finance n 7b yrs of telecom job,now i want to do a business or assist some one .pakistan has less opportunities for women in business

  33. have done MBA from vu recently and I have not much money at this time but I want to start business. please guide me what business will suite me.

  34. well id say hald of what you wrote is right. Any of the above mentioned areas can be boosted provided you put ur soul in it. As someone mentioned that transportation is a wastage of time; wrong my friend: you have no idea of the extent of profit that can be earned.
    You can always open consultancy,travel agency(the client you grasp denote ur investment: if they are close then they might work on credit, you dont need IATA to start it off, just a few years stable work and you will build a descent capital thus abling yourself for IATA membership)
    well, there are all sorts and sizes of business. Get a paper and pen, jot down ideas and do what you can do best. Knowledge is the key, if you have knowledge on certain area, you can always think of converting that to earning and remember, experience is knowledge.

    refereing to comments, if u did BBA or MBA and you think that you can do business, forget it mate. buiseness administration doesnt teach you business, it just opens your mind, enables you to think out of the box.
    bottom line, it is YOU who can do it and your degree has none to do with it. I am running a perfectly stable business. I started ACCA and meanwhile started a job, after an year i opened my business, and guess what; i managed all three. So you temprament decides; stick to your mind and heart.

    One can do anything; only if you love doing it.

  35. hi 4nds
    actually we all having small amount of money and we donot use it in any business because of different fears.
    and we all also want to search a business which is the most profitable and save business (mean which having no risk) i think perhaps there is not a single business in the word which is risk free business. business is actually another name of risk. so never fear to do business. search and start ..

  36. i am currently living in london and have read this article , well very constructive information is there. Although money plays an important role in business but there are some other elements as well. we muslim belive that there is a divine force who controls every thing , he is most powerfull, i had read in Quran that its ALLAH who gives the profit and who give u loss and its up to him (ALLAH) to who he bless and to who he neglect.
    and in other place in QURAn i have read that do business with the honesty and believe in ALLAH and ALLAH will bless u with profit.
    so believe in ALLAH have a deep look into the market and ur capabiilty and go for the business InShALLAH u will b successful.

  37. Everything is alright as i have read your article ,but when talking about transport business so i will say it is just a wastage money investing in this business due to the governments bad policies regarding transport sector ,government is setting their own fair prices and promising subsidies to the transporters but they are not giving any thing to the transporters so its really a worst time for this sector.

  38. I have done MBA from vu recently and I have not much money at this time but I want to start business. please guide me what business will suite me.

  39. i am also know student of BBA which is totally related towards business,i read on your web that education institution are being called business i totally disappointed with your this statement.
    and being a business student i suggest those who wants to do business its my guaranty as well as i am giving challenge that any type of business,in every business there is a profit but it depends on us that how much time we are giving and how much we are sincere toward our consumer and how much care we have for them success is sure.


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