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Life in a Big City Essay for 10th Class

The famous proverb is ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD.  Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Life in a big city is fascinating. But it also has some disadvantages as well. Life in a big city is really fast. Day by day many people migrate to big cities. Where there City life has charms, it also has some unattractiveness. Everyone wants to live in big cities but they don’t know the disadvantages of city life. Life in the city is a mixture of good and bad things. Life is totally artificial in big cities. A man in the city has comfort but he has been cut off from nature. (Life in a Big City Essay for 10th class with Quotations).

Man’s course begins in a garden, but it ends in a city. (Alexander Maclaren)

Life in a Big City Essay for 10th Class, 2nd Year With Quotations

People mainly focus on their source of earnings to fulfill their basic needs and have a good life. There are a lot of opportunities for jobs. People avail that opportunity and earn a reasonable amount of money. The main purpose of migration from small cities or villages to large cities is to avail the best earning opportunities, get a good education, and better health facilities.

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Life in a Big City Essay for 10th Class, 2nd Year With Quotations

Big cities comprise tall buildings, busy roads, heavy traffic, big hospitals, civilized people, shopping malls, and convenient transportation services. The life of a city is full of entertainment. Cities have good educational institutes like schools colleges universities medical colleges business schools law colleges and teaching hospitals. People can easily get an excellent education in these institutes. There is the quick and easy availability of health services.  In a city, all types of power supply gas supply water supply are available in every corner of a city. Cities have a large population but people have no time for others. A famous quote in this aspect is:

“City life is millions of people being lonesome together. (Henry David Thoreau)”

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On the other hand city life also has some disadvantages. There is too much pollution like noise pollution and air pollution. There are a lot of dirty slums, people live in small houses.  A clean atmosphere is just available on a few grounds. The environment is full of smoke and smog. People are suffering from cardiac diseases chest diseases eye problems psychiatric issues and their main reason is pollution. People are unable to get a pure diet. Cleanliness peace is limited to posh areas which are out of reach of the poor. Nothing is free in the city. A person can not get anything without money. There are great hustle and bustle of city life. Everything is hastening. (Life in a Big City Essay for 2nd Year With Quotations)

If you live in a dirty big city, it means that you surely need a pastoral life to make yourself clean.

(MEHMET Murad)

Village life is full of peace, greenery, a pure diet, and a healthy environment! People have time for others. They live happily. City life has so many advantages and disadvantages. Everything has a bright and dark picture as well.  Every citizen has a duty to make their living place better. Responsible citizens can make their cities excellent living places after adopting different measures. Like planting more trees, decomposing slums, proper and equal use, and availability of water electricity, and gas. Avoiding extra transport usage. Minimize pollution at a personal level. It is an administrative duty to ensure a pure and healthy diet for the citizens. We can make city life an ideal life.

This city is what it is because our citizens are what they are. (Plato)

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