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A Visit to a Hill Station Essay For 10th, 12th Class

As during the last of my summer vacations, I got the chance to make a visit to a hill station (Murree) where some of our relatives were staying as well. No doubt this was a very pleasure full plan of outing. Our family decided that we will be visiting the place of Murree in the summer season for the reason that during that time of the season the plains are very much hot. This awesome season really feels or realizes the beauty of nature. I along with my family boarded the train at the place of Rawalpindi. It took several hours to reach. (A visit to a hill station essay for 10th class in English)

A Visit to a Hill Station Essay for 10th Class in English Pakistan

A Visit to a Hill Station Essay for 10th Class in English Pakistan

We passed through the cities of Islamabad and later on Rawalpindi and finally, we reached our destination of Murree. I was super excited! The splendid city of marvelous qualities and dazzling scenarios gives outstanding look. The air was so cool and pleasant. The atmosphere and weather of this place were much changed from Karachi as our city place. The whole scenery of the place was much charming and breath-taking to view out with. I was falling in love with this place in just one look. The lush grassy fields, high sizzling mountains, attractive lacks, prove that Murree is one of the blessed cities. As we reached the station, we hired the coolie and made our way to our relative destination. (A visit to a hill station essay for 12th class in English)

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During the time of traveling, I get to witness the bird’s eye view of so many places. It was a complete amusement. I even visited Mall Road Murree for the very first time.  As I was visiting Murree for the very first time so I had already made a long list of the places which I will be visiting in Murree!

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Every single morning and evening of the day I used to go for a long walk. The fresh air of Murree was really something energizing and refreshing to feel. Going up and coming down from the sloppy areas of the mountains was an adventurous experience.

So this was the short journey of my hill station trip which I visited just recently over my relative. It was a wonderful experience. I always remember this memorable day of my life ever. I would even suggest to you, readers, as well that if you have still not visited Murree yet then go and have a visit over it right now!

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