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Effective Presentation Skills: Planning Your Presentation

Effective Presentation SkillsGiving an effective presentation requires two major steps; one that the presentation should be well planned and prepared, and secondly the confidence level and appearance of the presenter should be appealing. So for the purpose of this article we will discuss the planning and preparing of the presentation. The following six points are major steps that need to be taken for an effective presentation.

1. Determine the Purpose

The first step is to know what you want to accomplish with this presentation. What are the goals or the reasons for giving this particular presentation? What do you intend to achieve? The idea and the concept should be clear in your mind for a good and effective presentation.

2. Know the Audience

The success of the presentation depends on your ability to reach your audience. A few points to keep in mind with respect to your audience is the demographics, size, level of knowledge, their motivation to listen to you, why they are attending the presentation and what they expect. Once these questions are answered you can make sure that your idea or concept gets through to the audience.

3. Plan Space

The proper spacing and ambience is also very important to deliver your presentation effectively. The number of seats and attendees, the seating arrangements, proper lighting, visual and audio equipment are some of the aspects that need to be well thought out and checked well in advance.

4. Day and Time

Day and time matters greatly as it helps you to understand the mood, and the capacity of the audience to listen and understand. Is it morning or evening, weekend or weekday? These minute details can be the turning point for a presentation.

5. Organization

The organization of the presentation needs precise steps to be taken and to be effective. The main points should be determined and then the evidence of what you are proposing. Every presentation needs a proper outline and the story board or multimedia should also be precisely made to emphasize on the important points. Visual aids are very important in delivering the presentation effectively and getting through to the audience.

6. Rehearse, Rehearse, And Rehearse!

Practice makes a man perfect. Keep this in your mind at all times and rehearse multiple times for a presentation. Timing of the presentation is very important as you do not want to over or under do your presentation. If it is possible then rehearse in the actual room of the main presentation so that you are familiar with the surroundings and comfortable with them. Check the equipment before hand and load the slides in advance.

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