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Dua For Success

People who belong to the Muslim community and believe in Allah, now asking Dua for Success. People who start their new businesses, jobs, education, and some others now asking for success prayer. A few prayers are listed below and every day read InshAllah you will achieve their goals.

Dua For Success

Dua For Success Dua For Success

People who find Dua For Success now read the above prayers. InstAllah you will succeed in their mission.

What Is Success? and What is the meaning of Success?

Success- is a very elusive concept. When you pause to think about it, does it even lay within a thousand miles of our reach? I think not. Success is neither near nor far from our hands. It resides within our hearts, mind, and soul. And when these three entities recognize and understand each other, then only can they get together the puzzle of success. Now you will surely ask yourself, what is this with connecting these entities? As far as you are concerned, they are already connected, through blood, veins, and your breath. But your soul has no physical being, has it? How will you connect it to your mind and heart? It’s there but where is it?

To understand What Is Success? you don’t need to be a genius. You need to think. You need to find your soul to find success. Success is not a phenomenon, it’s an occurrence of illumination within yourself. Within your heart and your soul, it resides. And that is the reason you need to discover your soul. Your dreams are the most important thing for your success. When you pursue your dreams, you pursue success. Some will disregard their dreams as smoky spirals of illusion and go forth to overcome the world of sinners by more sins of going after money, gold, power, and fame. You need to GO after your dream. And success will be waiting in the path you choose.

Dreamers are never losers. They are the people who stay on the earth eternally. They leave behind their souls who talk about their dreams and their success to the people who are still in search of them. They will help the seekers of knowledge and success and lead them to the oath of their hearts.

Success does not mean touching the sky. It means doing what you WANT to do and succeeding in it. To fulfill your dreams is a success, not to beat everyone. In your mind, you can only see your goal, not the hurdles that come in between. When you start seeing the limits and the boundaries, you will never see your destination. The success is within a fraction of your reach, but when you start seeing the walls and paths in between, the distance is converted into hundreds and thousands of unpersuadable miles. Limit the distance and close your eyes. In your heart should be the vision of your dream and nothing else, and success will come to you.

When a fighter walks into a deadly arena, he has his head held high. He is not looking into death’s eye to be wary of it. He looks INTO the eyes to conquer them. He doesn’t think of dying, because if he does he is going to fall. He only enters the arena to slay the opponent. In this way, his success comes even before he fights. Because he wasn’t afraid to seek what he wanted. This is success if you get the meaning of it. Be blind to the repercussions. Only see the end, the destiny.

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