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Best CV Format in Pakistan For Job

Here on this page we are going to share some of the Best CV Format in Pakistan For Job. CV or Resumes are getting very much popular in the modern world especially in Pakistan and that is why people do show concern in developing a well-equipped resume that reflects their career and life portfolio. Generally, CV is being made for the purpose of acquiring job or employment and that is why it should comprise of all the essentials and information which are required in job allocation process. One thing should be made clear that Curriculum Vitae (CV) is not responsible for providing you or giving you the job as CV will only help you get into the interview and then will be the real test which will decide that whether you will be employed or will be rejected. So while drafting CV always emphasize on the information which is being made part of the CV while at the same time the candidate should try to make it as attractive and eye-catching for the employer which should enforce him to call you for the interview.

Best CV Format in Pakistan For Job

Another very important point is that CV for everyone is not the same as a CV of a fresh graduate will be completely different from the CV of a person having 20 years of experience under his belt and similarly the CV of people different categories including experience, skills, interest, and expertise will be different from each other. CV must be in Professional CV Format because it is your first impression on someone where you have applied for the job. Best CV Format in Pakistan For Job are as follows.

Best CV Format in Pakistan For Job

Definition of CV

CV is a short form of Curriculum Vitae; which is a Latin word which simply means “the course of my life”. Generally, a CV provides an overview of a person’s experience, skills, knowledge, expertise, and other qualifications.

CV considered being the most appropriate way of designing applications

CV is the always said to be your unique selling point as it can sell you in the eyes of the employer and the only thing which the employers look while going through the CV is that how prolifically you have presented yourself in front of them. Few employers do not consider the CV of the candidates as they have their own employment forms which extract all the wanted and unwanted information from the candidate which might be kept hidden in the CV are being openly exposed in the employment applications.

CV has no Standards and format

Each and every one has its own information to share and has their own expressions; that is why people develop various types of CV Design and Sample for various fields and employers. The CV can be creative, formal, and informal and even standardize depending upon the nature of the job and workplace the best thing you should know is that how to write a CV. That is why there is no One Best Way” of making a CV as any creative and formal way can be one of the Best CV Format in Pakistan For Job.

When there is a need of a CV

1.      When an employer asks for applications to be received in this format.

2.      When an employer simply states “apply to ” without specifying the format.

3.      When making speculative applications (i.e. when writing to an employer who has not actually advertised a vacancy but who you hope may have one)

Significant Constituents of a CV

1.      CV Caption: It is a very basic rule that never writes Resume, CV or Curriculum Vitae on the top of the page in your CV as a heading but always writes your name in bold and highlighted font so that the very first information which is being foreseen by the employer should be the name.

2.      Objectives: This is very essential and high priority component of a CV which should be comprise but should be fully equipped with your aims, objectives and desires in your career.

3.      Personal Information: It is a very essential component which is modern CV is kept at the last section which consists of the name, father’s name, contact information comprising of Phone Number and Postal Address, National Identity Card Number, Marital Status and Nationality. (Religion is optional)

4.      Profile Picture: The candidate should attach a colored passport size photograph at the right top of the CV which should be your profile picture; regarding the picture the formal standard is wearing formal clothes with light blue Background.

5.      Education Profile: While highlighting your academic qualifications in the CV make one thing sure that start from the latest degree or your qualification and the things which should be mentioned should include the Name of the Degree/Diploma, Institute name, year of passing, CGPA/Grades.

6.      Work Experience: This is a very critical constituent of the CV as most of the employers in Pakistan give the section the highest priority in the entire CV. For fresh candidates they should mention their any curricular or non-curricular experience during their academic tenure while for the experienced candidates they should start from their latest job or experience stating the name of the organization, the designation on which you were employed and the duration or time span of the experience which includes the joining date and the leaving date respectively.

7.      Knowledge/Skills/Abilities: The candidate should focus on all and most importantly the significant KSA’s which are present in him/her. This should be vast and deep but should be concentrated and short lengthened.

8.      Reference: In the traditional CV format, the references were being given on the request and enquiry of the employer but in the modern CV format in Pakistan the references are considered the part of each and every CV.

Note: Never include any fake information in the Resume/ CV and never exaggerate any information regarding your KSA, education or even experience because as it is stated before as well that the CV will only lend you the interview call an not the job so the allocation and acquiring the job depends on the interview and in the interview the employer can easily judge and identify the fake information which is being made the part of the CV and this false information can even cause you the loss of that opportunity/job.

How the CV should be Crafted

To craft a very attractive and powerful CV the candidate should consider the following 7 C’s which can make them create one of the best CV which is considered to be healthy and effective as far as employers are concerned. The Best CV Format in Pakistan For Job of the candidate should be;

  1. Clear.
  2. Concise.
  3. Concrete.
  4. Correct.
  5. Coherent.
  6. Complete.
  7. Courteous.

How to present your CV

The CV should be presented in such a manner that neither it should look awkward nor it should look cheap.

  1. The formatting and the alignment of the CV should be very much profession as it should be carefully and clearly laid out so that it should not give an immature look as the CV should consist of empty white spaces, Dis-Alignment of the words and headings and insertion of professionally crafted tables.
  2. The CV should be printed on only one side of the A4 paper as back printing gives an awkward presentation of the CV, and to improve the presentation the name and contact number can be written in the footer or header.
  3. Always portrait a positive attitude through the CV in which you should be clear in mind that what career you have opted and where you, look yourself, this also consists of highlighting your achievements on the top, making those KSA bold and visible which are needed for that particular job for which you are applying.
  4. While posting the CV or when you have to courier it make sure that your CV is not being folded in the wraps but do put it in a formal envelope or folder in which it is kept unfold and then courier it.

CV Formatting Style and Fonts

1.      In the Best CV Format in Pakistan For Job the font style should be Times New Roman and even in the modern era, Calibri Body is also considered to be an attractive font style while crafting the CV.

2.      The font size should be 12 not greater than this neither lesser than this as this is the perfect formal size of fonts. The headings should be of font size 14 and should be bold.

Download CV Format, Sample, Designs

CV Targeted Respondents:

  • This is the section which is not the compulsory part of CV but can be very much beneficial in making your employer glad and impressed. If the CV is to be sent to only one employer for a specific job, in that case, the candidate should make a slight thorough survey of the company profile and should mention the esteem organization in the cover letter which should be attached with the CV before mailing it, either through email or even through courier. This slight appreciation regarding the company profile makes the employer really impressed and desirable to meet you which ultimately give you the opportunity of being called for the interview.
  • If the CV is to be send to various respondents than also it is very crucial to target the employer and in this situation the target can be done on the field and designation for which the candidate is applying, showing your immense dedication to that respective field and area of internets can convey your message to the employer regarding your commitment and dedication for that respective field and can become one competitive advantage for you.

 These are the Best CV Format in Pakistan For Job which you can download or simple can write according to these Best Resume Format in Pakistan.


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