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Inflation Rate in Pakistan

Do you know that what is theĀ Inflation Rate in Pakistan as Pakistan is considered to be one of those unfortunate countries in the world which have the highest Inflation rate in world. Basically the inflation is being known as the term in which the prices of the commodities are being changed on the regular basis. The inflation rate basically identifies the change of prices in a particular area, and it is also being observed that once the inflation rate is being made high the buying power of the people just get reduced which means that the basic necessities of life gets beyond their buying power and beyond their reach and access. The inflation rate in Pakistan is being calculated and being reported by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics known as PBS. For the month of November-December 2013 the inflation rate which is being recorded for Pakistan is 10.90 percent.

The inflation rate in Pakistan was recorded at 10.90 percent in November of 2013. Pakistan has the history of the most unpredictable and most varying inflation rates in the world and there are so many internal and external factors which contribute in the sudden change and decline of the inflation rate in Pakistan. Amongst these factors the most crucial factor is the political instability in the state, as the weak government and administration is the main cause of the increase of inflation rate in any state, secondly the Pakistan currency is declining day by day which is increasing the international debt on the state day by day because the debt has to be paid in Dollars and the decline in Pakistani rupee is increasing the worth of dollars as this is another very important and core factor due to which the inflation rate in Pakistan is not getting stabilize and fluctuations in it are being observed on regular basis.

Inflation Rate in Pakistan for the Year 2012-2013

Inflation Rate in Pakistan

Let us have an over view of the inflation Rates in Pakistan in the various tenures and time durations. From the time duration and time span of 1957 till 2013, the average inflation rate in Pakistan is 8.02 percent. There are various time periods when the inflation rate is being either abnormally raised or declined. The real time example of this is when the inflation rate in Pakistan was raised to a massive height of 37.81 Percent in December of 1973 and at the same time there is a record low inflation rate calculated which was just -10.32 Percent in February of 1959. In Pakistan, most important categories in the consumer price index are food and non-alcoholic beverages, housing, water, electricity, gas and fuels (29 percent); clothing and footwear (8 percent) and transport (7 percent). The index also includes furnishings and household equipment (4 percent), education (4 percent), communication (3 percent) and health (2 percent). The remaining 8 percent is composed by: recreation and culture, restaurants and hotels, alcoholic beverages and tobacco and other goods and services.

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